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Captain America costumesEveryone knows how iconic the Captain America costume is. Even children who have never read or seen the comic recognize the distinctive white, red and blue pattern. Remember the theme song? When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who choose to oppose his shield must yield are the first two lines of the iconic theme song that everyone who grew up in the 80s is familiar with.

Superhero outfits have been favorites since comic books became popular. The Captain America Halloween costume has been around almost as long as the captain himself. There is no question why this superhero appeals to the public. He symbolizes one of the strongest countries on Earth, is super awesome and his costume, undeniably, rocks.

The Captain America costume is patterned after two things: the American flag and old school combat uniforms in the 1940s. The latter has something to do with the fact that the good old super soldier was created in 1940 and then geared up to serve as a symbol of patriotism during World War II. The flag pattern comes through in the costume’s colors: predominantly blue with white and red stripes signifying the United States Flag.

Of all the incarnations of the Captain America costume, most people will immediately recognize the following elements: the winged helmet/hood, the distinctive star on the chest, the matching gloves and utility boots and of course, the indestructible shield. No Captain America costume would be complete without the shield.

The hood or helmet normally has a couple of wings positioned over or near the ears. The hood extends to the mask worn over the eyes and has a distinctive white A on the forehead. Depending on the style of the costume, the hood can be a separate piece or extend from the nape to the shoulders.

Next we have the bodysuit, which is usually a dark or light blue with long sleeves.  The star on the chest is the most important part of the suit and some costumes feature the vertical white and red stripes that cover the stomach area. The suit will not be complete without the iconic red boots and gloves.

Finally, the most important part of the Captain America costume is the shield. The shield features a star in the middle of three concentric circles that mimic the costumes color theme. This feature will really impress anyone and anyone who ears the costume will instantly attain superhero status when they brandish his most important weapon.

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Available Captain America Costume Sizes

available sizes

Do not despair, girls! The Captain America costume also comes in variations for the ladies. The female version of the costume features a stylized feminine version of the Captain America suit, with cape and shield as the accessory. Although there is no female Captain America, this suit will definitely raise some eyebrows and a round of patriotic applause.

Sizes are available in toddler to child sizes for girls 3 to 12 years old. Adult costumes come in small to large.

Captain America costumes for guys come in adult sizes ranging from standard to one size fits all to extra large. For those who really like to play it up on Halloween night, several muscle suit versions (with muscles included) are available. Young boys can get a kick out of playing superhero for a night too. Child sizes are available for toddlers ranging from 2 to 4 years old as well as kids 4 to 16 years old. Infant costumes are also available for the little tyke ready to bring on some star spangled fun.

Captain America Background Information

Captain America information

The Captain America Halloween costume has been popular since he was introduced in the 1940s. Creator Joe Simon wanted to come up with a different sort of hero, a patriotic super soldier bent on defeating evil. Portrayed as a frail man given super abilities through the Super Soldier Serum, Captain America’s quick reflexes, martial arts ability and battle skill defeated many an enemy through the years.

It was right around the time of the beginning of World War II, so needless to say, Captain America clicked. He was popular not just with American’s but also with the Allied forces. The original Captain America fell out of favor after the war but was subsequently reintroduced in the 1960s.

The distinctive Captain America costume had many different changes over the years. Early versions had him dressed in an outfit similar to GI uniforms, the biggest difference being that he wore brown combat boots instead of the red ones shown today. Eventually the costume evolved over time and is still evolving now.

Captain America Movies and TV Shows

Captain America movies

Captain America has been popular since the comics were introduced, mainly because of his very American image. You may remember the 90s film starring Matt Salinger, which brought Captain America back to his origins in World War II. He has also guest starred in other TV shows featuring the Marvel superheroes, like Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

You can still buy the comic book today. Captain America has starred in Marvel special editions like Civil War and the Supersoldier arc. He is still one of the best loved characters in the Marvel Universe. His “death” in the Civil War series sent shockwaves throughout the comic book world.

A big-budget Captain America movie is set to be released in 2011. The take on the costume is quite different and released versions of the concept art show the familiar red and blue suit, with brown combat boots. Expect Captain America to save the world once again.

Similar Costumes

For a superhero themed party would not be complete with just Captain America. Spider-Man costumes are always a big hit, with Spidey being one of the most popular superheroes for children and adults alike.

Iron Man costumes can also be a big hit. Go as Tony Stark’s alter ego and blast your way into any party. Iron Man costumes also come in War Machine variations for those who do not want to look too typical. Not too keen on being a hero? Try the Whiplash super villain outfit and channel Mickey Roarke for the night.

Hulk costumes are also available for those who want to complete the Avengers and liberate candy from neighborhood homes. Hulk smash other costumes into the ground. Do not forget to practice saying “Beehh…tttyyy.”

Superhero outfits are always a big hit and there will definitely be no mistaken identities on the night of the party—only secret ones.

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