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Darth Vader CostumesJoin the Dark Side with a Darth Vader Halloween costume. He is the only villain in the galaxy known to make veteran Jedi Knights shake in their Jedi boots. The Darth Vader Halloween costume is meant to give you the authentic Darth Vader experience.

The Darth Vader costume is as iconic as the character. Vader has been part of the top ten villains of film since his introduction in Star Wars: A New Hope back in 1977. Part of what made the character so successful was the all-black outfit. He struck a figure so menacing that he is still popular today.

The first element of the Darth Vader costume is the helmet. The mask was designed as a cross between a German Stalhelm and a WWII gas mask. The result was a very distinctive skull shaped helmet. Its purpose in the film is to allow Vader to breathe properly as the suit is actually a life support system designed to keep him alive.

Vader’s chest armor and shoulder plate armor (pauldrons) are a one piece item designed to protect the upper torso. The metal breastplate covers most of his upper torso. This part of the costume also features the diagnostic computer so famously displayed in the movies.

Like all Sith, Darth Vader favors heavy armor. Complete the armor with Vader’s heavy right combat glove.

What would a villain do without his black swishy cape? Vader’s cape is based on a monk’s cloak and is great for sweeping entrances and swirling as you Force choke that unfortunate being who just defied you.

In reality, Darth Vader was a cyborg. He had artificial arms and legs and used his outfit as a living support system to help him move around and fight. This was because of the traumatic injuries he had sustained during a battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi when he was still known as Anakin Skywalker. The costume represents how he, Vader, had finally given in and gone over to the Dark Side of the Force.

No Darth Vader costume would be complete without his famous red lightsaber. Now is the time to spring for that lightsaber you always wanted. Another great addition to your Sith closet would be the Darth Vader breathing apparatus—something that will definitely make you the life of the party. Add the shiny black combat boots and get ready to defend the Empire from those upstart Jedi.

Darth Vader CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Darth Vader Costumes

Available Darth Vader Costume Sizes

available sizesDarth Vader costumes are understandably one of the most popular items available. They are a favorite of Star Wars fans and young boys. Although it took a six footer to play the original Vader, you do not need to be huge to be Vader this Halloween.

All adult costumes are available in standard sizes and extra large for those willing to walk on the Dark Side. Costumes come with armor, mask and cape. All you need is the lightsaber.
Small, medium and large sizes are also on hand for the young boy wanting to be a Sith Lord for a party or for Halloween. You are certain to get a lot out of this outfit. Your son may not even want to take it off!

For the little Sith Lord, Darth Vader costumes can also be ordered in infant and toddler sizes. These costumes are baby-safe and have no plastic parts for a comfortable and easy fit.

Darth Vader Background Information

Darth Vader informationOver time, the story behind the Darth Vader costume developed as the Star Wars saga did. Originally, the helmet was not even supposed to be part of the costume—it was designed to look like a scarf. George Lucas wanted the most menacing looking villain out there and Vader definitely fit the part.

In the original trilogy, Vader was portrayed by David Prowse, a bodybuilder and voiced by James Earl Jones. Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christiansen portrayed him as Anakin, a young gifted Jedi.

As Anakin Skywalker, Vader was supposed to bring balance to the force. An ill-fated battle and a series of bad choices led him to lose his legs and arms, suffer massive burns to his body and almost die. The Sith Lord and eventual Emperor Palpatine placed him in the suit to help keep him alive and mobile.

The Darth Vader costume has numerous influences, including samurai armor. However, it is the influence of the character that has made the costume popular at Halloween and costume parties over the years.

Darth Vader Movies and TV Shows

Darth Vader moviesDarth Vader is arguably the most loved character in the Star Wars series despite his status as the villain. He has been featured in all the movies and subsequent merchandise: books, cartoons and comics. He is the central character of the saga. Academic papers have even been written analyzing his role.

Darth Vader is so ingrained in popular culture that numerous references and spoofs have been made about him over the years. “No, I am your father,” is one of the greatest movie lines of all time and this has been repeated over and over again in many different forms.
Vader’s unique costume is recognized by fans of all ages all over the world.

His distinctive labored breathing and theme song have been used in many instances. You might want to spice up your costume with a little of that and play the Imperial March when you enter a room. The effect is guaranteed to be impressive. If you are looking to be evil this Halloween, then there is no one who exemplifies that more than Darth Vader.

Similar Costumes

Sith Lords come in many forms—and costumes. Come to your neighborhood Halloween bash dressed as Emperor Palpatine or Darth Maul. Kids will get a kick out of the dual wield lightsaber.

Each Sith can be as unique as Darth Vader. Both girls and guys will love being part of this epic story. Another great costume idea for the Star Wars fan is to come as Anakin himself, before he became Darth Vader.

If you do not want to be part of the Dark Side, brandish your lightsaber for good and grab a Jedi costume. Jedi costumes, compared to Darth Vader’s, are relatively simple robes echoing those of warrior-monks back in the day.
Be a warrior for good instead of evil and use the Force to help your fellow man. Jedi costumes are a definite must have for any Star Wars fan. Whatever you choose, choose wisely. May the Force be with you.

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