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Dinosaur CostumesA dinosaur costume will certainly make the scene. Of course, saying that the costume is a “dinosaur” is not very specific as we know that there are many kinds of dinosaurs. Still, since this costume category appeals most to kids, it’s probably best not to be too strict about nomenclature. What we can help you with is learning what kinds of dinosaur costumes are available.

The first and arguably most popular costume of a dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, or T-Rex. This is often what we think when we hear the words “dinosaur costume”. Children will often say “dinosaur” instead of “T-Rex” until quite a little later on. By all considerations, this makes a good choice. This is because T-Rex was a bipedal; meaning it walked on two legs, close enough to our own characteristic gaits.

There are arguments about the color of this fearsome creature’s scales and skin. This gives costumiers a bit of freedom when picking out colors. The most common is yellow-green, probably because we associate the color yellow-green with reptiles and snakes in particular. Of course, since these costumes are quite popular with children color schemes may not exactly make sense in the natural world. Bright yellow back and tail spines for example.

Another class of dinosaur costume that will be immediately familiar is the pterodactyl costume. The terodactyl was a flying dinosaur, but did not possess feathers, instead using skin wings, much like a bat. A costume based on this terror of the Jurassic skies will feature these wings prominently and would appeal to kids who enjoy the thought of flight.

For toddlers, there is the extra-special triceratops costume. Triceratops was a dinosaur with three horns on its head – two on its forehead which pointed forward and a short one on the tip of its snout. It also had a distinctive frill extending from its skull. Scientists debate about the purpose of its horns and frill, but we can’t argue about how cute this costume is!

So there you have the most popular types of costumes based on dinosaurs. They really are a blast from the past!

Dinosaur costumes

Click Here To See The Full Range of Dinosaur Costumes

Available Dinosaur Costume Sizes

available sizesDinosaur costumes are not quite as popular with adults as they are with children and toddlers in particular. This means that sizes are generally geared towards the youngest portion of our population. It will prove a more challenging to find dinosaur costumes for young kids and finding one for adults may be even more challenging.

Many of these costumes are available up to Toddler (24 months) size, with a few exceptions being available up to a children’s size 6. It would be worth checking out individual items to identify what exact sizes are available for them, rather than assuming that they’ll have the size you want.

Some of the feedback on these costumes describes them as running a bit small, so you might want to pick a size slightly larger than your little one’s actual size. For infants and toddlers not quite up on their feet yet, a bit of looseness is okay.

Dinosaur Background Information

Dinosaur InformationDinosaurs were large reptiles said to have roamed the earth millions of years ago. The fossils found seem to point to a large variety of dinosaur species, and they are found in many places across the world. Some places today share similar concentrations of fossil types and number, which lends some credence to the theory of continental drift. Dinosaurs have been on the discussion table between creationists and evolutionists, and the debate continues today.

Dinosaurs were egg-laying, cold-blooded creatures. Many of these species were larger than men. They varied greatly in physiological structure, but most if not all of them had tails. Some had physiological features that do not quite make sense. Some dinosaurs were two-legged, while others walked on all fours.

An uncertain cause killed off all these creatures, save for those that did evolve into their modern analogs. Now we can only dig up fossils and imagine what these strange creatures could really have looked like.

Dinosaur Movies & TV Shows

Dinosaur moviesDinosaurs are more commonly portrayed in the later part of human history, mainly because our ancestors had no knowledge of them. Or did they? Paintings from the Middle Ages and Renaissance featured dragons, which are certainly dinosaur-like in some aspects. Ancient legends also tell of monstrous reptilian creatures like the Hydra.

In any case, dinosaurs came to attention in the middle of the 19th century, and made mass media magic in the later part of the 20th century. Remember “Jurassic Park”? That movie was a colossal hit and fanned the flames of interest in dinosaurs even higher, thanks to good applications of special effects technology of the period.

Dinosaurs appear in mass media, but often in a cartoon form or as caricatures of some sort. Perhaps the most widely-known dinosaur is Barney the purple dinosaur (he’s a T-Rex) from the popular children’s TV show “Barney & Friends”. Of course, these dinosaurs were made fuzzy rather than scaly, making them more appropriate for young kids.

Similar Costumes

Dinosaur costumes are all well and good, but if you want something different yet still related, go for the dragon costumes. Yes, that eternal symbol of power, the fire-breathing monster. Some dragon costumes have wings, others don’t, but the classic dragon has to have wings. Leave the fire-breathing to someone more skilled though.

For those who remember that old cartoon series “The Flintstones”, then the distance between dinosaurs and cartoony civilized cavemen is not so large. Though science says that humanoids and reptiles could not have existed in the same time period, cartoons have never been known to stick to what science says. Dress up as Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Pebbles, or Bam-bam. Or maybe go with Dino, the Flintstones’ family dog/dinosaur.

While we’re talking about prehistory, why not dress up as our ancestors, the cavemen? Animal skin patterned clothes always give that sense of wildness and raw energy. Scruffy unkempt hair required, clubs optional!

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