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Elvis CostumesNo other outfit rocks out more than the Elvis costume. The original king of rock and roll, his albums continue to sell millions of copies until present day. Pay tribute to the King with a an outfit that is sure to get dozens of compliments. Of course, it is time to respond with a Thank you, thank you very much.

The King was famous not just for his music and his fantastic voice but also for his showmanship. There is more than one Elvis costume. Remember his signature black leather outfit for his 1968 Comeback Special? It made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Perhaps the best remembered outfit is the jumpsuit Elvis wore for his Aloha from Hawaii concert. This costume is arguably his famous costume and people all over the world wear it in his honor today.

This jumpsuit, like the many Elvis wore, was inspired by martial arts uniforms. His costume designer created the jumpsuit and customized it for him and he wore versions of this outfit until he passed away in 1977.

The front of the jumpsuit falls in a v-neck edged with a large eye-catching collar and lapels. Elvis wanted to show the true American spirit and it was his idea to add the eagle to the front of the jumpsuit. This outfit shines, the glitter catches the light, just as it would if you were on stage.

Made from white cloth, the jumpsuit’s long sleeves are decorated with stars to match the eagle. The pants have a noticeable flare to give just enough swish to your walk. Essential accessories include the wide white belt with matching star trimming and the red scarf.
The gold lame Elvis costume is also available in equally luxurious satin. Who can go wrong with a gold trimmed suit? The jacket is beautifully trimmed with disco dots. If you do not mind being the center of attention, this is definitely the Elvis costume for you.

Ladies can rock an Elvis outfit too. Do not let the guys have all the fun. This Elvis jumpsuit is also a great costume idea for women. Specifically tailored with a woman in mind, it is guaranteed to hug your curves in all the right places. Try the all-black version with matching gold trim and gold cape. Turn a few heads when you walk in a room and get everyone to Love You Tender for a night.

Elvis CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Elvis Costumes

Available Elvis Costume Sizes

available sizesElvis Halloween costumes are always a good idea. They say you can never go wrong with choosing the King. Bigger guys will be the life of the party in these attention-grabbing outfits. Choose a large or extra large jumpsuit and start swiveling those hips. Do not forget to accessorize with an Elvis wig and fake sideburns for the full effect.

Elvis costumes are also available for the little boys who want to be the rock and roll star for a day in small, medium and large sizes. Complete the outfit with a mini guitar and your little rock star is sure to be singing along to Heartbreak Hotel. Elvis costumes look great on babies too.

Jumpsuits look great on girls of any shape and these Elvis costumes can fit petite women and girls with dangerous curves to show off. Wear this and you will definitely be checking a few guys in the Heartbreak Hotel!

Elvis Background Information

Elvis informationElvis needs no introduction. Everyone knows the King. He was the most talented performer of his time. His energetic performances fueled his superstardom at a time when every other singer was singing ballads. During his life and even after his death, he was number one. With three Grammys and one lifetime achievement award, he deserves the title of the King of Rock and Roll.

Elvis is also well remembered for the effort he put into his costumes. The Aloha from Hawaii costume or American Eagle jumpsuit is one of his more iconic jumpsuits simply because it was broadcast all over the world.

This outfit was designed by Bill Belew, who probably had no idea how many people would end up wearing versions of it after Elvis’ death. The concert was not only successful and unique. It was the most expensive of its time, costing the production team almost 2.5 million dollars.

Elvis Movies and TV Shows

Elvis moviesAlthough Elvis has left the building, rumors of that he lives still persist 30 years after he succumbed to a drug overdose in his home in Graceland. In his prime, Elvis was the most desirable man on the planet.  He is singlehandedly responsible for influencing a great many musicians, a notable example would be Bob Dylan. He was a rock star, a movie star and above all, a legend.

Because of this, his face has been put on everything from T-shirts to key chains. His albums still sell like the proverbial hotcakes and his record company continues to rerelease his greatest hits. Millions of people still visit his home today and leave flowers at his grave.

Surprisingly, his biggest legacy is probably the number of impersonators around the world who make a career out of imitating Elvis. Visit Las Vegas or Tokyo and you will find a huge Elvis fan who does not mind dressing up in the jumpsuit, swaggering onto a stage and belting out his or her favorite Elvis song.

Similar Costumes

Although no one can really replace the King of Rock and Roll, you can go ahead and ditch your Elvis Halloween costume for a real king’s costume. Subjects will kneel at your feet as you nobly walk into a room. The king costume is the perfect choice for someone who wants the royal treatment. Have your girlfriend or wife dress up as a queen for a great couple theme.

If you are hell bent on channeling your favorite rock star this Halloween, go all out with a KISS costume. These 70s rockers knew how to rock—and destroy! Rock star costumes are on hand for all eras of rock: the chill 60s, the wild 70s and even the flamboyant rock outfits of the 80s.

Remember, when it comes to royalty, it all boils down to the attitude. Whether you are dressing up as rock royalty or as the royal family, it is all in how you play it off.

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