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Fairy Princess CostumesThe fairy princess Halloween costume is one of the most popular outfits for young girls and women all over the world. After all, what girl can resist the appeal of a pretty, sparkly dress and delicate wings? Add a tiara, a sceptre and all the beautiful embellishments to make a costume stand out and this type of costume is always a winner.
Fairy princess Halloween costumes are a particular bestseller because little girls in particular love becoming a fairy princess for Halloween night or for themed party. Even big girls can get in on the fun. They can choose to be naughty or good fairies for the night.
A typical fairy outfit starts off with a beautiful dress. Flimsy, dainty or delicate dresses play a huge role. Sheer layered skirts, cut jaggedly so that they fall around the knees are a particular favorite. Full skirts can bring out any girl’s inner princess.
Fairy princess costumes do not have to be just about being prim and proper. Baby doll dresses, miniskirts and tight dresses are a staple of Halloween bashes simply because they are so sexy. Most women like to look beautiful on Halloween night, and not just to get candy, but to be part of the eye-candy. But it only starts with the dress.
The choice of wings for the fairy look can make or break the costume. Luckily these days the options are endless: butterfly wings, flower wings, angel wings, bird wings and even leaf wings lend originality to the pixie look. The larger the wing, the bigger the impact the costume will have. A great idea is to layer multiple styles of wings instead of just using one pair for a spectacular effect.
Once the dress and the wings have been decided, accessorize with tiaras. What princess would be caught dead without her crown? A pretty headband can double as a crown and a hair accessory. Flower wreaths or daisy chains look great for the flower fairy look.
Complete the look with the perfect fairy wand for the outfit.
For little girls who will be going trick or treating, give them a pair of nice comfy shoes to help them get around with minimal fuss. If they are the girly type, a pair of sparkling ballerina flats will complete the look.  For the ladies, the sexy fairy costume would not be complete without a pair of rocking high heels.

Fairy Princess CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Fairy Princess Costumes

Available Fairy Princess Costume Sizes

available sizesThe fairy princess costume look is so popular is comes in several different sizes. Choose a costume based on age or length, up to 24 months of age. Nothing is cuter than a baby or toddler dressed up as a pixie or fairy. It is also a great costume idea for the annual photo sent to the fawning family.
For the little girl dead set on a fairy princess Halloween costume, the costumes come in sizes ranging from small to extra large. Wing sizes are specifically adjusted to child size for the children’s costumes. These are also wonderful outfits for fairy-themed birthday parties.
For the adventurous adult, fairy princess costumes come in small to plus size sizes, with some outfits in the one size fits all category. There are so many different options for any female on the planet. The fairy princess costume will definitely be a great hit at any theme party, Halloween bash or anytime a girl wants to play dress up.

Fairy Princess Background Information

Fairy Princess informationFairy princess costumes are popular because fairies have been fueling our imagination for centuries. Most cultures around the world have similar stories regarding fairy-like beings. Fairies were originally portrayed as mischievous spirits that curdled milk or stole children form cradles. They were thought to control our destiny. Other stories about them described them as tall, noble beings that had underground courts, living away from the humans. The Irish called them the fey, the Welsh the fair folk or the Old People. Traditionally, there were ‘good’ fairies and ‘evil’ fairies that helped or hindered human kind.
Featured in children’s stories in the 1800s, fairies eventually became what we think of them today: tiny, insect or butterfly winged creatures that live in acorns and flowers. Illustrations in children’s books portray them as delicate, ethereal beings, as ready to do mischief as they are to help the lost traveller in the woods. This depiction of fairies serves as the primary inspiration for fairy costumes, easily recognized by people around the world.

Fairy Princess Movies & TV Shows

Fairy Princess MoviesOne of the most popular and recognizable fairies is Tinkerbelle, Peter Pan’s tempestuous companion in JM Barrie’s novel of the same name. The Blue Fairy from Pinocchio is another fairy that anyone who grew up watching Disney movies will instantly recognize.  The Sugar Plum fairy from the Nutcracker ballet is another popular fairy icon that can serve as an inspiration when going for the traditional fairy princess costume. Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest is a movie about rainforest fairies.
Fairy oriented TV shows and movies are often geared towards kids. These include the Fairly Oddparents and a selection of family themed fairy animated cartoons.
More modern takes on the fairy can be found in Charlene Harris’ popular True Blood vampire series, where fairies play a big role. Lauren K. Hamilton also writes the Meredith Gentry series, which centers on the life of a fairy queen.
The fairy and the fairy princess costume, is here to stay. It is simply a matter of selecting the right inspiration and look.

Similar Costumes

Not keen on looking like the average fairy for the night? The elf costume might be more appealing because it can be for males and females. Why not try a medieval elf costume? The sedate, sexy elf queen or princess look can also be a great look for Halloween.
Not ready to give up the wings? An angel or demon costume could be the ticket. Go for white bird feathers or the more sinister bat wings. This could be a great idea for a girl with more gothic tastes, at any age. This kind of costume can also be a great idea for any adult who would rather not show a little skin but still wants to make a big impression at a party.
Another great alternative is the prince or princess costume, which is always a huge hit. It is a great idea for couples and children. These are just a few great ideas for costumes for any occasion.

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