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Firefigther CostumeThese are genuine superheroes of the real world and they act upon the call of duty. You know when they are on a rescue mission because they pass by like a torpedo on lightning speed accompanied by the all-familiar siren sound that echoes the city. They are none other than the brave and courageous firefighters. So why not pay tribute to these brave modern time heroes and wear the firefighter costume this coming Halloween season?

They will storm a burning building, disregard their own safety, and make sure that people trapped inside will be brought to safety. And that is not all. They also do simpler tasks such as rescuing a kitten trapped on a rooftop or power supply pole. With this kind of wonderful public image, no wonder many children adore firefighters.

And you have got to admit it! Everyone idolized the firefighters at some point in their lives, no matter how brief that moment is. So the firefighter Halloween costume will make a great selection this coming Halloween season. But it should not be contained to Halloween. It is also perfect for Christmas parties, birthday parties, and other costume event gatherings.

And there is a somewhat masculine appeal to the fireman Halloween costume. After all, these are men who do not fear danger. And they are the image of a knight that would come to the rescue of a princess in distress. This is exactly the kind of thing that women fall for. So with the firefighter costume, you will be a hit among the ladies.

But what about the ladies and little girls who also adore firefighters? Luckily, there are also female versions of the firefighter costume. And there is a wide range of different designs so women will surely love the variety. After all, women do not want to be stuck to just one design.

And for the more daring ladies, there are some hot and sizzling stuff along the firefighter costume line. So instead of the usually modest long cut jump suit, it is replaced by a mini skirt that reveals a lot of skin. And the tight-fitting measurements are perfect for showcasing those voluptuous curves.

And to make things more realistic, do not forget to grab some firefighter accessories as well when you shop for a fireman costume. Although firefighter costume sets are always sufficient on their own, it does not hurt to add some good extra.

Firefigher Costumes
Click Here To See The Full Range of Firefighter Costumes

Available Firefighter Costume Sizes

available sizesOne thing about superheroes is that they become public property. The same goes for the famous and the celebrity. Therefore, it can be expected that many people from young to old adore the firefighter. Yes, the firefighter Halloween costume is popular among all age groups. But is it available for everyone?

Luckily, almost everyone can avail of the fireman costume. Not only because it is affordable, but also because it comes in a wide range of sizes. The sizes for adults usually start at medium and go all the way up to extra large sizes. So even if you have some extra pounds on you, there are double extra large and triple extra large sizes you can choose.

As for the women, the female versions of the firefighter costume also come in a variety of sizes. The general range of sizes usually include small, medium, and large. There are also plus sizes. Additionally, there are also versions made for kids.

Firefighter Background Information

Firefighter informationFirefighters are public service officers that have the task of protecting the citizens of the city they serve from the elements of fire hazards. Other than fire hazards, they also rescue people from accidents such as vehicle collisions. They are also known to help trapped animals such as domestic dogs and cats.

As for the history, they probably existed earlier than the records show. After all, the hazard of fire has always been around. However, the term firefighter first became evident around the year 1903. Another term that firefighters are known for is ‘fireman’ or ‘firemen’.

Lately however, the term firemen is no longer put to use and considered inaccurate. This is because a good number of firefighters are women. Also, the term fireman could also define a person who causes fire – the exact opposite of the task of firefighters.

In any case, firefighters have a long history of saving lives. This earned them the respect of people and attained a good public image. This is why the firefighter costume is a top choice.

Firefighter Movies and TV Shows

Firefighter  moviesBecause of the ever growing popularity of firefighters, it is only to be expected that they will become elements in many Hollywood films. As such, they did not only make brief appearances, but they were also occasionally used as the main plot of the story. There is a long list of such films.

For example, the early 1900s saw the release of movies like In Old Chicago, Fire, Flames, and Trapped in a Forest Fire. The chain of firefighting movies continued and the mid 1900s saw the release of The Towering Inferno, Fires Were Started, and Fire Cheese. More modern films include the 2009 film The Fallen and the 2007 comedy film I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry.

And with this long list of films, it can be expected that more will come. In fact, it is not only in movies but firefighters have also been used in novels, video games, and cartoon series.

Similar Costumes

Every year there is always one or two costume party you can attend. There is the ever-present Halloween costume party and the occasional birthday and Christmas party with costume-wearing theme. And if you will be attending any of these parties wearing the firefighter costume, your friends better wear something similar as well.

Since firefighters are public service officers, your friends can also go for costumes that take after other public service officers. For example, they can wear police costumes, soldier costumes, and the like. The plumber costume or Super Mario Bros. costume is also not a farfetched idea.

And with all of these choices, you can select from a variety of designs. For example, the uniform of firefighters in New York may be different to the firefighter uniforms in England. Make your choice and select the one that suits your taste best. For firefighter costumes, usual color schemes include black, red, and yellow.

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