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Hulk CostumesDuring Halloween seasons, the costume that people want to wear is something that is scary and eye-catching. With that kind of description, they almost always end up with costumes that take after the bad guys. Some examples are vampire costumes, zombie costumes, and Darth Vader costumes. But with the Incredible Hulk costume, you can be rightfully scary but still be the good guy.

Presenting the giant green guy from the movie The Incredible Hulk – he rampages, he destroys towns, and he crushes buildings and panzers with ease, but he is the main character and the protagonist of the story. With this kind of complicated but amusing characterization, The Incredible Hulk easily became very popular among adults and children alike.

So for Halloween costume parties, trick or treats, Christmas parties, birthday parties, and other events that require costume wearing, The Incredible Hulk Halloween costume is one wonderful choice to make. The character is famous worldwide and he has got the much needed ‘shock factor’ which will undoubtedly catch the attention of everyone.

And why would the Hulk not catch everyone’s curious eyes? Just take a look at him and everything about him is designed to catch attention. He is bulky, incredibly large, with ripped and oversized muscles covering his entire body. And to add to that is an unnatural green skin complexion and an intimidating face with an angry look and ever-exposed teeth.

And the Incredible Hulk costume does not fail to reproduce the look of the original. Wear it and you will positively and convincingly become as intimidating and as powerful-looking as the real Hulk. And the sweet thing is that you can be scary without having to be the bad guy. You are the good guy and the hero but you look tough.

And the Hulk costume is such a fresh new idea for a Halloween costume. Everyone has seen vampires, ghosts, pumpkin heads and stabbed corpses. What the party needs this year is something new and fresh. And The Incredible Hulk Costume is still an unexploited but wonderful costume idea.

But what if you are not exactly the image of strength and bulk? Perhaps you are on the slim side and you do not possess as much ripped and throbbing muscles as the Incredible Hulk. Well, that will not be a problem for you! The Hulk costume is designed with faux muscles so even if you are not a bodybuilder, you will look positively large and bulky.

Hulk CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Hulk Costumes

Available Hulk Costume Sizes

available sizesThe last thing you want to happen when shopping for clothes is to find a great design with no available size that will fit you. That is annoying is it not? Luckily, you will not have to face the same dilemma with the Hulk Costume. After all, the fan base of the green guy extends to all age groups so it is only right that it should be available for all.

Beginning with the children, there are available sizes from small, medium, to large. So whether your kid is on the heavier or slimmer side, there will be a costume that will fit. And for adults, there are also sizes that will fit almost everyone. There is also a version made specifically to fit teenagers.

Now here is the bright thing. You may not have expected it, but there are also Hulk costumes available for infants and toddlers! Now how cute that would be if your little one can be The Incredible Hulk of the party!

Hulk Background Information

Hulk  informationFrom the story plot of the movie The Incredible Hulk, the strange ability of the protagonist to morph into a monstrous creature is supposedly due to an experiment involving genetic manipulation. This explains the incredible brute strength, gigantic size, and fearsome appearance of the Hulk.

This physical morphing into a monstrous form however has been seen in many other fictions as well. For example, the character of Dr. Jekyll that appeared in the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen also displayed similar capabilities. Also, the resemblance between the Hulk and the common image attributed to Frankenstein is striking.

Generally however, the appearance of Hollywood characters that have the ability to morph into different forms may be largely influenced by the advancing technology of genetic engineering. Because people are only starting to discover the possibilities of genetic manipulation, they came up with many fictions and tales.

And the character of Incredible Hulk is one of the products of that imaginative thinking. Because of the relation of the Hulk to genetics, the movie The Incredible Hulk is convincingly a sci-fi movie and not just a regular fiction film.

Hulk Movies and TV Shows

Hulk moviesSo why is the Incredible Hulk Halloween costume such a great Halloween costume idea? Well, aside from its blockbuster design which will surely catch the attention of anyone, the Hulk is also one famous character with a long history in Hollywood. If you though The Incredible Hulk only appeared in the 2003 and 2008 movie bearing the same title, you are mistaken.

In fact, the green guy first wowed many audiences way back in the 1970s. The title started out as a TV series program during the 70s until a TV movie titled The Incredible Hulk Returns was released on 1988 followed by The Trial of the Incredible Hulk TV movie released on the year 1989.

Again in the year 1990, another TV film titled The Death of the Incredible Hulk was aired. But the fame of the Hulk grew bigger and bigger that it was already time for a full-pledged feature film. So in the year 2003 and 2008, a Hollywood movie bearing the title was produced.

Similar Costumes

Alright, so you finally decided to go for The Incredible Hulk Costume. But what if you will be attending the costume party or you will be going out on trick or treat with some of you friends? Perhaps it is a better idea if all of you will wear costumes that are related to each other.

In the movie The Incredible Hulk, there are not that many other casts that would make a good Halloween costume party. So for related costumes, you can check out similar looking outfits like the Frankenstein costume. If you look closely, the character design of the Frankenstein monster is strikingly similar to that of the Hulk.

Another related costume is the Dr. Jekyll Costume. The character of Dr. Jekyll is somewhat similar to the Hulk in a way that they are both products of genetic manipulation. Both can transform and both are somewhat monstrous and gigantic in appearance.

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