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Jessee CostumesJessie is another product of the Disney-Pixar Toy Story saga.  Her adventure begins in Toy Story 2 where she joins Woody and the gang.  Her signature look is a red-and-yellow plaid shirt much like Woody’s and a ponytail braid with yellow bows all her own.  This is the very motif of a colorful Jessie Costume.

Jessie has been through what most toys fear, and that is being abandoned.  She was given away by her former owner, Emily, and donated to charity.  This makes Woody realize that, in as much as Andy loves him, he could suffer the same fate.

Somewhat sad and withdrawn from the experience, Jessie has learned to be pessimistic and distrustful.  Afraid of the dark, she hyperventilates in enclosed spaces.  Fortunately, there’s Woody to rescue her and Buzz to save the day!

As you get to know her better, you’ll discover that there is more to Jessie than her Jessie Costume.  Toy Story has been instrumental to Jessie’s recovery and her road to self-discovery.  She proves to be a true friend to Woody, and she becomes especially close to his horse, Bullseye.  After everything they’ve been through, at last, she and Buzz become fond of each other.

As a character, therefore, she has developed new friends and gained a career.  Jessie’s career as a Toy Story cowgirl is made even more colorful by the fact that it’s the wacky Joan Cusack who does her voice-over.  This makes her even more real and animated!  She also guests in Monsters, Inc. in a cameo role as one of the toys.

It seems no one will ever tire of Jessie as a toy doll.  If you’d like to be someone’s partner in crime, someone’s love interest, or a sister to a brother, then don’t hesitate to see yourself in a Jessie Halloween Costume.

Remember, closure happens to Jessie and she learns to be happy again.  At the end of Toy Story 2, she is accepted into the boy Andy’s toy collection.  He even nicknames her “Bazooka Jane” as a sign of affection.

After Toy Story 3, she is adopted and loved by another kind girl.  There is even the possibility that she just might fall in love with Buzz for good!  For the moment, she finds him the sweetest space ranger ever…

Thus, when you wear a Jessie Toy Story Costume, it will remind you of good friendships, infinite possibilities, and happy endings!

Jessie CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Jessie Costumes

Available Jessie Costume Sizes

available sizesThere’s a Jessie Toddler/Child Costume for every age.  The costume is sold in a wide range of toddler and child sizes.  You only have to lasso-in which age bracket your child belongs to and which size will fit her best.

You can be Jessie too if you’re ready to wear a Jessie Adult Costume.  Same as with kiddie sizes, adult sizes also come in small, medium, and large.  Your jumpsuit will be even more elaborate since you’ve got an authentic-looking Western belt attached.

Thus, any girl can buckle up to the adventures the rowdy Toy Story gang as long as you’re willing to wear a red-and-yellow jumpsuit, a matching red hat, and a pair of yellow hair bows.  To make it official that you’re Woody’s designated deputy, you’ve got a cowhide vest or chaps on your screen-printed shirt.

To be the best, most likeable cowgirl on or before Halloween, wear a Jessie Halloween Costume. Be on the lookout for some nice boots to match your cowgirl get-up.

Jessie Background Information

Jessie informationStrong, stubborn, and determined:  These are some of the traits you would associate with any cowgirl.  Cowgirls have that air of confidence about them, simply because they are capable of handling themselves.

If you have that secret wish to be a Rodeo gal or a Rhinestone cowboy, the fantasy must have been fed by years of hearing stories about famous cowboys like the Lone Ranger and Wyatt Earp.

If you’ve never heard of famous cowgirl stories, well, here’s a couple.

A cowgirl’s life is not all that glamorous.  You’ve got to work in the ranch and drive cattle.  What you’ll adore is living in the great outdoors and working with horses.

A step further than that, Annie Oakley had gone on to become the most famous cowgirl of all.  A sure-shot and sniper, she helped Cleveland hold fort during the war.  If you’ve heard of Deadwood, Calamity Jane was there with Wild Bill Hickok.  She’s another frontierswoman and professional scout.

Jessie Movies and TV Shows

Jessie moviesThe earliest cowgirl movies were a tribute to the likes of Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane.  These women lived during the early days of the frontier at the turn of the century, when women joined men as they pioneered towards the West.  These women were brave and fearless.  They survived the times and made names for themselves.

Back in the 70’s and early 80’s, Wild West movies were quite the trend.  Parents and children were mesmerized by duels and gunfights among the best cowboys.  The sheriff could either be the hero or the villain.  Amid all these, there was always the Last Man Standing who could afford to be Walking Tall!

With the entrance of Jessie of Toy Story, the millennium generation has another cowgirl to love.  Even Hannah Montana somehow revived this cowgirl theme.  They bring you back to the basics of family, friends, love of the land, and simple living.

Similar Costumes

As Jessie evolves in Toy Story films, she learns to become more confident and trusting.  In the process of helping Woody and the gang, she learns to like Buzz Lightyear in a more romantic way.  That’s why a Jessie Costume would raise eyebrows and elicit giggles when paired with a Buzz Lightyear Costume.

On the other hand, Jessie and Woody are very good friends.  They are more like brother-and-sister in a sibling relationship.  They may argue endlessly but deep inside they care dearly.  That’s also why it’s so perfect for a brother and sister in the family to go together in a Woody Costume and Jessie Costume.

In the land of make-believe, any girl can be a cowboy.  That’s why there’s such a thing as a cowgirl, right?  You may not have a horse like Bullseye, a bosom buddy like Woody, or a romantic interest like Buzz.  What matters is that you have a Cowgirl Costume or an Annie Oakley Costume to make your Western dreams come true.

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