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Kids Vampires CostumesWhat makes the vampire such a popular figure?  Well, both males and females can be vampires – a fact that doubles the variety of roles instantly.  They have magical powers in addition to superior physical abilities.  Then there are the preconceptions popularized by modern vampire stories – they are physically attractive and are not all malicious.  Little wonder then that the kids vampire costume is a popular option year after year after year.

Most kids vampire costume variants are still built around the Victorian fashion sense – a lasting influence of the story Dracula by Bram Stoker.  Of course, it is not straight-up Victorian, and is more Neo-Victorian.  Long dresses and cloaks are in vogue here, but not with the ruffles common to earlier periods.  Lace and corset-inspired designs are often part of these costumes.

A common element is the wide, tall, and stiff erect collar.  In fact it is so common among vampire costumes (whether for males or females) that it has become colloquially known as the “vampire collar”.  Perhaps this styling was meant to evoke the shape of bat’s ears, since the bat is the representative animal of the vampire.

For girls, long dresses are the most common, but short flirty dresses also make the scene.  You can’t expect girls to stick with old fashions, right?  For the guys, dinner dress is the norm, making full use of white shirts, black pants, leather shoes, and various styles of ties.

Recent presentations of vampires have had them wearing more modern clothing that still retains elements of the old vampire style.  A fine example is the trench coat.  It is functional and sleek like much modern street clothing.  On the other hand, it gives a sense of flow and movement, much like the capes and cloaks of older fashions.

The “gothic” style also makes its presence felt.  An extension of the Neo-Victorian style, the gothic style takes many cues from its origins and focuses on the morbid and morose – lots of red and black here.

More than just the clothes, what really makes a kids vampire costume or any vampire costume for that matter are the teeth.  Yes, those characteristic, almost caricaturized fangs made for draining the blood of victims.  A good set of false vampire teeth can match the impact of an entire costume.

Go into the night, and feast – not on blood, but candy!  Just remember to brush.  We wouldn’t want you spoiling those nice fangs now, would we?

Kids Vampire CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Kids Vampire Costumes

Available Kids Vampire Costume Sizes

available sizesBecause of the enduring popularity of kids vampire Halloween costumes, you won’t have much trouble finding something that fits.  Ranging in anything from Toddler to X-Large, you just need to check if the costume you want has the exact size you want.

Note that the shorter girls’ costumes do not include leggings, so you will have to buy them separately or just add them to your order.    One suggestion is to get a petticoat.  Shoes are also not included by default, so make sure to pick out something that fits and also matches the outfit.

Some capes are a little long, so you may want to shorten them so your little one won’t trip or slip on it.  This is not much of a problem with older and taller kids.  Some pants are also running a little loose, so a good belt is recommended.

One thing’s for sure though – all vampire fangs are long!

Kids Vampire Background Information

Kids Vampire InformationThe kids vampire costume has always been a popular choice for Halloween.  Vampires are quintessential Halloween fodder, as they are supernatural and are frightening.  The origin of what we think of as a “vampire” is probably the Slavic concept of this creature.  In truth though, blood-feeding magical humanoid creatures can be traced back further, and blood-sucking magical non-humanoids can be traced back even further.

What we think of as vampire style can be attributed to popular media in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  The eternal classic “Dracula” is perhaps the defining source of vampire lore for the common masses.  Dracula was but one of the many vampires, albeit he is the most well known and powerful ones.

The vampire has changed over the many years.  If vampires did exist and were immortal, then perhaps they too would have changed themselves to fit the times.  If anything else, the mythos of the vampire has changed – for better or for worse.

Kids Vampire Movies & TV Shows

Kids Vampire MoviesKids vampire Halloween costumes are generally built from ideas set in the classic novel Dracula, where Victorian fashion was the common mode of dress.  Indeed, the main villain of the eponymous “Dracula” was dressed in what we think is classic male vampire dress – white shirt, black tie, cape, pants, and shoes – and of course the erect collar.

Modern interpretations of the vampire are quite contradictory.  We tend to give them more personality and more humanity these days.  Back then, they were vile and not pleasant beyond being able to seduce their targets.  Today, there is the stereotype of the unwilling vampire, the one who refuses to feed on blood, in addition to modernizing their clothes and accoutrements of living.  Why live in a musty old castle if you can get a loft in the center of downtown?

In most recent times, the Twilight franchise has made vampires sex icons with dramatically human personalities.  This has caused a rift to form between those who love these new vampires, and those who believe that these are not real vampires.

Similar Costumes

Looking for something like the kids vampire costume, but still different?  Maybe you’re a little tired of vampires for now.  Check out these suggestions instead.

Goth is a subculture that focuses on what most people would call morbid and creepy.  Nonetheless, there is something about the gothic style that really fits into Halloween.  Why not try looking through our selection of goth outfits?  Ruffles, lace, and bold stripes!  Just don’t ask for colors other than black and white.

For girls, try that other classic Halloween favorite, the witch.  Lots of choices, and modern revamps are also available!  It’s one way of reinventing the classics, and besides don’t pointy hats look so fabulous?

For the boys, check out our selection of reaper costumes.  A long black robe is full of mystery and fearsome danger.  Show them what’s under the hood or not – it’s up to you.  Just be careful where you swing your scythe!

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