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Kids Witch CostumesThere is no Halloween classic like the kids witch costume. In fact, it could be said that witches, along with ghosts, were the cause for Halloween – homeowners would leave treats out to pacify ghosts and gain favor with local witches. In the end, a Halloween without a witch is no Halloween at all.

The kids witch costume comes in a variety of colors and designs. Kids will be kids after all, and they won’t be satisfied with the traditional all-black garb. Of course, it all starts from there. The basic, classic witch costume includes a black robe, a tall pointy hat with a wide brim, and a magical flying broom. A simple variation of this is the modernized version, with a shorter skirt, corset styled lacing, and tightened sleeves.

Kids witch Halloween costumes are mostly different from adult versions because of the fact that the kids’ versions offer more frivolous options. One example is the candy corn-themed costume for kids. Yes, the iconic white, orange, and yellow candy is in some way now available as a costume. The colors of these costumes follow the candy corn colors, with black thrown in for contrast and witchy style. The cut is also different from the traditional version – this one has a shorter skirt and a peasant’s blouse style neckline.

From here on it gets a little funky. There is a variant that uses color and design cues from the Sixties and Seventies, which is passing strange since kids today never even got close to that time period. Anyway, this variant offers a psychedelic patterned dress with wide belt and a matching hat to boot! Ad some knee-high boots and you are good to roll!

How about a polka dot themed witch costume? Perhaps you’d prefer a patchwork costume, since witches weren’t exactly rich? Something with a bit of green, maybe? Why not get one in pink? Or would you prefer something in orange and black – classic Halloween colors, but with a frilly twist! There’s even one with lights.

Since you are playing the role of a witch, rather than a certain witch, modifications and personal preferences are all fair game! You’re not picking for accuracy to character, you want something that you like! See, when it comes to the kids witch costume the trick is to find one that you will love, rather than what matches the traditional idea. Now get on your broomsticks and go trick or treating!

Kids Witch CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Kids Witch Costumes

Available Kids Witch Costume Sizes

available sizesThe kids witch costume comes in Small to X-Large, depending on the costume. Check the individual items of interest for specifics. Please note that there are also costumes for toddlers.

One shortcoming you might want to plan ahead for is the length of the skirt, or more correctly, the lack of length. Some of our customers have sent us feedback that some costumes are too short. If your little girl is tall for her age, then you might want to pick a longer costume, or get her some cycling shorts or similar bottoms. A petticoat is also a nice touch, and adds some volume (and frilliness) to the outfit.

While costumes usually include the hat, please make sure to read through carefully. Also, costumes do not include footwear, so we recommend browsing through out collection of shoes and boots for something to match the costume you picked out.

On a side note, accessories are one-size per item.

Kids Background Information

Kids Witch Costume InformationThe witch is one of the oldest supernatural figures, and appears in one form or another throughout most if not all cultures. Usually though, when we think of witches we think of those belonging to the old European traditions. Thus, we think of the ugly old crone with a penchant for brewing potions and hexing various people.

Another type of witch that we commonly think of is the “femme fatale” type – beautiful but dangerous. Witches of this type use their outward personality traits and physical appearance – whether real or a product of illusion – to lure people and make them do their bidding. Of particular susceptibility are not-very-smart males.

In counterbalance, not all witches are “evil”. There are the so-called “white” witches, who use their magic and knowledge to cure ailments

Kids Witch Movies & TV Shows

kids witch moviesThe kids witch costume variants that we see are the product of reimagining as the years went on. On the other hand, the witch has always been and will always be part of our media where the supernatural is concerned.

Just about all of our fairy tales (and their animated versions) include a witch of some sort. Voodoo witches or priestesses are also represented, especially in the popular Pirates of The Caribbean franchise. “Witch” is the standard term for female magic practitioners in the Harry Potter universe, and does not necessarily carry negative connotations.

The concept or stereotype of the dangerous but glamorous female extended from witches to just about every niche in our popular media. She is a compelling character, whose motivations may or may not be revealed in the course of the story. She is a woman worth pleasing, but she might just hurt or kill you in the end!

Similar Costumes

Are kids witch Halloween costumes a little too droll for you? How about a queen or princess costume? She is also a powerful figure, who rules not with magical prowess but instead with laws and commands. A crown weighs heavy on one’s head, but for one night, that is perfectly fine, right?

Maybe you would prefer to be the goody-two-shoes rather than the evil witch. In that case, try a fairy godmother costume or just a plain fairy costume. Both have magical abilities, and both can be kind and helpful. Just between you and me though, ordinary fairies are more mischievous than you might expect!

While we are on the topic of classic Halloween spooks, have you considered dressing up as a vampire? With all the frenzy over recent vampire movies, it would be a wonder if you didn’t. Vampires have magic of their own, and our modern interpretations of these mythical creatures have made them more interesting, if less vicious.

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