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Luigi CostumeEveryone knows that the story is not complete without the main character – the guy or gal who is the center of it all. But while all the focus is always on the main protagonist, there is no denying the contributions of the ever-present sidekick. And in all stories, movies, and novels, there is perhaps no better sidekick than Luigi from the Super Mario Bros.

So this coming Halloween season, one of the best costume ideas you can get is the Luigi costume. This is not just paying tribute to the all-time classic but also paying tribute to the ever-enduring sidekick character of all time. Yes, Luigi has earned the title of being the most popular sidekick and he continues to kick ass as a famous character.

And that is exactly what you want in a Halloween costume right? Someone who is famous and well-known will easily get recognized by others. And whether you encounter an old man, a kid, or a lady, everyone will surely know who you are portraying. Now that is a relief. But who exactly is Luigi and why is he so famous?

You first learned about him in the 1993 video game Mario Bros. There, he was available as the controllable character for the second player. Luigi is not much of a main player was he not? But he too was just as useful and as powerful as the main guy. In fact, he also has his own fan base.

And although the main guy of the title is Mario, who is the older twin brother of Luigi, this did not stop Luigi from standing out. While many sidekicks always drown in the glaring magnificence of their partner, Luigi is always more of an independent guy with his own strong character and image.

Even the company that developed Luigi realized that the guy is more than just a regular sidekick. Therefore, in the 1991 installment of the Mario Bros. computer game franchise, Nintendo removed Mario from the main spot and placed Luigi in place. In the story, Luigi is the main guy basking in the spotlight and Mario is the poor guy that needs to be rescued.

Design-wise, the Luigi Halloween costume is very iconic and stylish indeed. He also features the same plumber in a jumper suit design but with a green color scheme as opposed to Mario’s red color scheme. And because Luigi is taller and slimmer compared to Mario, it will be great for people with similar body figure.

Luigi CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Luigi Costumes

Available Luigi Costume Sizes

available sizesLuigi may be mostly seen as a character that caters only to children. But it has already been three decades at most since he was introduced so some fans may already be adults. By now, Luigi’s fan base extends across all age groups. So rightfully, the Luigi costume should come in all sizes.

And when it comes to the availability of sizes, there will not be much of a problem. There is a version for children and the available sizes range from small to large. The same goes for adult costumes with sizes small, medium, and large. So whatever your measurements are, there is a Luigi costume that is right for you.

Lastly, there is also an available plus size Luigi Halloween Costume. This one is for those on the heavier side. If in the past you had a hard time looking for a costume that fits because of your extra size, this one will make things easier for you.

Luigi Background Information

Luigi informationAccording to the description of the person who designed Mario and Luigi, the siblings are supposed to be Italian plumbers. Possibly, the design concept of the costume of the two is based on the common attire of plumbers in Italy at that time. If you look closely, the jumper suit wear of Mario and Luigi are more suited for similar jobs.

In addition, Mario and Luigi are also seen with their ever-present cap. This is natural for plumbers as they constantly need to guard their top from water leaks and such. And in terms of color scheme, Mario and Luigi is the opposite palette of one another. Mario is red themed and Luigi is blue themed.

So if you like blue more, the Luigi costume will cater to you more. And usually, this is the case. That is because boys are more likely to be inclined to like blue instead of red. Also, Luigi’s dress underwent several changes across the Super Mario Games so you might chance by another color scheme.

Luigi Movies and TV Shows

Luigi moviesLuigi was introduced to the public at the same time Mario was introduced. This was natural because he was Mario’s sidekick. But because Luigi was a successful sidekick with plenty of fans of his own, he became a mainstay and stayed on the next installments under the same title. Perhaps Mario has some reason to be jealous.

However, Luigi did not always stay as a sidekick. One his best appearances in the video game world are during his 1991 debut in the game title Mario is Missing and Luigi’s Mansion. On both titles, Luigi was the guy and Mario was given the lesser role with significantly lesser appearances.

And after the continuous success of the Super Mario Brother’s franchise as a game title, Nintendo also entered TV animation. Later, a cartoon series under the same title was aired. Luigi received his debut during the 1996 release of the film titled SuperMario Bros: The Great Mission To Save Princess Peach.

Similar Costumes

If you are going into a costume party with your brother or your buddy, you can have him wear the Mario costume. It will be perfect because the inseparable duo will be together. If you will be with a girl, she can wear the Princess Peach costume. With matching such as that one, your group will attract the most attention on that party hall.

But if what you are looking for are simply similar looking clothes, you can definitely look at plumber costumes and other jumpsuit design costumes. Construction worker attires will also make a good resemblance. Other costumes that might be strikingly the same include the Firefighter costume.

Also, you can go for costumes of other characters designed by Nintendo. There are the likes of Super Sonic the Hedgehog and also the Donkey Kong series. If you want to feature all of these clothes, come to the party with your friends and complete the Nintendo characters.

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