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Mafia CostumesA recent returning trend in costumery is the style of the mafia costume.  It’s like throwbacks are suddenly hip again.  Well, in this case it’s okay because the gangsters of the Twenties did dress quite smartly.  Maybe you are not as criminal as they were, but looking this good should probably be punishable by the law.

Nothing says a “made” man like a pinstripe double-breasted suit.  It fills out the figure and is quite comfortable too.  Dark colors are the norm here, and black is a pretty popular choice.  It might have been the result of seeing these original American gangsters in black-and-white films, but now we consider black a classic mafia color.

Of course, you have to wear matching slacks.  The spiffy mobster will also want to put some spats on for color contrast and that classy old-school style.  Pinstripes never went out of fashion, did they?

Bosses have to have goons, and the massive mafia man is intimidating even without his trusty weapons.  Certainly, the mask that goes with the Massive Mobster costume is a weapon in itself. Inflatable shoulders give you that hulky look that keeps the riffraff away.

Who says pinstripe lounge suits are for men only?  Mafia mamas can get a mafia costume that looks like the classic mobster without sacrificing cut or style.  These ladies’ costumes have some flaring at the hips and hems, and pinstripes, which are quite slimming.  Pink may not have been a traditional mafia color, but who cares?

A nice variant for men and women alike is the bullet-riddled look.  A made man or woman has at least a couple of enemies, and this time, one of them got you.  Great for playing the undying (or undead) mafia boss!

For ladies looking to get the mob look while turning up the heat, the sleeveless, short skirt options are also available.  Complement the look with fishnet stockings, and you will floor them without having to resort to your guns.

Another ladies’ mafia costume to look out for is a versatile “transformable” costume, the Gangsta Wrap.  The lower torso and seamless skirt are standard, but the upper torso portion can be worn in several ways.  It’s like five costumes in one!  It is quite a body hugger, so be confident and strut that look!

Don’t forget to get the accessories to complete your mafia image.  Nothing beats everyone’s favorite Tommy gun, but you can get a pistol too, just to be a little more discreet.  Shoot ‘em up and have a blast!

Mafia CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Mafia Costumes

Available Mafia Costume Sizes

available sizesYour mafia Halloween costume looks best when it fits perfectly, especially for ladies who like the sizzling sexy look.  Because of the variety of costumes, you will need to check each item for sizing options.  In general though, women can get their costume in small to X-Large, with a few exceptions going up to 3X.  Men can get costumes from Medium to X-Large to 1x plus-size options.

Some costumes do include some accessories, but most do not include the classic fedora by default.  The stylin’ mob man or woman needs a good hat, so make sure to add one to your order.  Shoes are also not included by default, so check out the selection and add the ones you want.

You might also want a toy gun to complete your mafia costume, and nothing says American mafia like the Tommy gun.  Of course, the more discreet mobster might prefer a holstered pistol, which can be hidden within one’s coat.

Mafia Background Information

Mafia informationThe Mafia is an organized crime syndicate, also known as the Cosa Nostra.  The Mafia has its roots in Sicily, where they too held territories and ran their rackets.  The American branch came to being as Italians immigrated to the United States.  The name came from the Sicilian adjective mafiusu, which when applied to men meant arrogant and proud, but also courageous and enterprising.  When applied to women, in the female form mafiusa, it meant beautiful and attractive.

The mafia costume can be traced to its origins as the favored wear of the American mafia form the 1920’s.  Prior to that period, the American mafia was not overtly active, but when Prohibition swung around, guess who had the guts and resources to produce illegal alcohol?  The American mafia grew rich on the profits of alcohol and speakeasies, and this led to an increase in general crime rates too.  These were bold, dangerous men and they were said to have ruled cities behind the public facades of local governments.

Mafia Movies and TV Shows

Mafia MoviesMuch of the exposure that the American Mafia got back in the Swinging Twenties was as a result of the many situations they were involved in.  The news media always had their cameras trained on suspected mafia members, and the police were constantly on alert for them.

Al Capone, perhaps the most infamous gangster of all time, was the Boss of the Chicago Outfit, the mafia branch that operated in Chicago.  He was eventually snagged on the charge of tax evasion, and convictions for other crimes soon followed.  He was once incarcerated in the almost-mythical Alcatraz.

As for notable mafia-themed popular culture items, one need not look further than the all-time classic film, The Godfather.  More recently, The Sopranos, one of HBO’s original series, made headlines and achieved primetime dominance.

Of course, many Italian-Americans protest the stereotyping that such popular depictions may cause.  Again issues surrounding typecasting and racism arise, so it would be best to avoid offending anyone with generalizations.

Similar Costumes

While a mafia Halloween costume might be the one for some people, maybe you’d rather dress up as something else.

Flapper girls were a distinctive group of women who rose to attention during the same time the American mafia made headlines.  These women were the rebels in their day, and were pretty much flauntingly disdainful of what was considered acceptable behavior.  They wore short skirts (knee-length by our standards) and were fond of flashy attire.  They were the original party girls!

Well, even Mafiosi get caught.  Why not throw on a prisoner costume with the classic black and white striped outfit.  Add some shackles or a leg iron, handcuffs, and a scowl for full effect!  Hard days and hard labor on the way…

Maybe the mafia men and women back then are the devils of today.  Get your scary look on with a devil costume, and move up from human terror to supernatural horror!

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