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mario costumesWho is short, has a moustache, and likes going around jumping into pipes and bopping villains on the head? That’s right, it’s-a Mario! Arguably the most famous video game character in history, Mario! It might be a little cliché, but have you thought of wearing a Mario costume to your next costume party or event?

The Mario costume is relatively simple. Since the original video game systems that Mario appeared on were not very powerful, the design of his get-up is simple. He wears brown leather shoes, a blue jumper, a red shirt, white gloves, and his trademark monogrammed red newsboy cap. The simplicity of his costume makes sense; he is after all a plumber, and he wouldn’t want to have anything snag in his line of work.

Aside from the Mario costume, there are other costumes from the Mario franchise. For example, there’s the Luigi costume. Luigi is Mario’s younger brother, and he dons a similar style to Mario, and is different mainly by his colors. Whereas Mario wears a light blue jumper, red shirt and cap, Luigi’s jumper is a darker blue, and his shirt and cap are green. Plus, Luigi’s monogram on his cap is an “L”, not an “M”. While Mario got the spotlight first and continues to be the main protagonist, Luigi places a close second to him.

Then there’s the reason Mario went adventuring in the first place: Princess Peach. She wears a pink gown, which is a bit like a hot-air balloon in its design, a crown with jewels set along the circumference, a blue sapphire brooch, and white opera gloves. She wears her blonde hair long and layered.

Then there’s Toad, an anthropomorphic mushroom, who is a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom which Princess Peach rules. “Toad” is also the name of his species – it’s like finding a real person named “Human”. Toad wears a white cap with large red spots, white pants, brown shoes, and a blue vest with yellow trim. Toad is one of Princess Peach’s most loyal servants and often puts his own life in danger as he assists Mario and Luigi in their quests.

There’s also the Wario costume, which is actually a pretty unusual find. Wario is an exaggerated version of Mario, and wears the same style but again with different colors. His shoes are green, his jumper is purple, and his short-sleeved shirt and cap are yellow. If that doesn’t display lack of color coordination, we don’t know what does. He is a likable anti-hero, though.

Mario Costumes

Click Here To See The Full Range of Mario Costumes

Available Mario Costume Sizes

available sizesBecause Mario games continue to be produced today, the Mario franchise is popular with both adults and kids. This makes it a pretty easy choice when it comes to costumery, and a wide variety of sizes are available. All adult costumes are available from Small to Large and also in Plus size. Kids costumes range in size from Toddler to Large.

Note that costumes do not include shoes by default, so getting a pair that matches the outfit is a good idea. The costumes do include the signature mustaches, and hats, except for Princess Peach and Toad, of course. The Mario, Luigi, and Wario costumes also include inflatable bellies for the cartoony paunch.

We received some feedback and have confirmed that the inseams on the Mario and Luigi jumpers are smaller than the measurements. Please adjust your size preferences accordingly.

Don’t go picking up strange mushrooms, and don’t go stomping turtles either, okay?

Mario Background Information

The Mario Halloween costume is a sign of just how popular the character is – if it is easy to find the costume, there must be a large and constant demand for it. Mario has appeared in over 200 games, and is listed as the most famous video game character.

The character himself is an Italian-American plumber who apparently does more than fix leaky pipes. His family name is not known, as Nintendo has never released it. Originally named by his creator (Shigeru Miyamoto) as the insipid-sounding “Mr. Video”, he rose to incredible fame, much to the surprise and delight of everyone at Nintendo. He is characterized as light-hearted, courageous, and optimistic.

These days, Mario seems to be doing more adventuring and princess-saving than plumbing, his “official” profession. Oddly enough, he gets stronger by consuming various mushrooms and defeats enemies usually by stomping on their heads. It seems that, despite his paunch, Mario is reasonably fit and can jump quite high.

Mario Movies & TV Shows

Mario MoviesAside from the Mario costume lineup, Mario has appeared in a live-action TV show, as well as a live-action movie. While neither was very popular, to movie did make history as the first movie based on a video game, as conferred by Guinness World Records.

In line with the 116 distinct titles in the franchise, excluding remakes, there have been slews of licensed merchandise. From costumes to printed shirts, cellphone straps, miniature toys, plates, and so much more, Mario and his friends (and enemies) have appeared on countless items.

Mario is also the official mascot of Nintendo, Incorporated – as testament to how he helped make the company what it is today. As creator of the Mario universe, Shigeru Miyamoto is held in high esteem by gamers and game designers alike.

Mario continues to be a favorite character throughout the world today, and will certainly be in the loop for decades to come.

Similar Costumes

So you’re looking for something other than a Mario costume? Well, you can still wave your gamer flags high with these suggestions.

Pac-Man, a runaway hit from video gaming’s early days, is a fun source of inspiration for costumes. Go as Pac-Man, or as any of the four colorful ghosts, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, or Clyde. There’s even a costume that looks like the ghosts when they are scared by the power pellet pumped-up Pac-Man!

For the ladies, a Lara Croft costume is flattering and a huge nod to the gamer culture. Lara Croft is the penultimate action babe, with beauty, brains, and guns. You’re sure to catch eyes with short shorts, cropped top, fingerless gloves, backpack, utility belt and a pair of sweet pistols.

For the boys who love action, there’s the Master Chief costume, based on the primary protagonist of Halo. Maybe your Mark IV MJOLNIR armor system doesn’t work, but it sure does look cool.

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