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best halloween costumeMedusa CostumesA Medusa costume is a costume that depicts a monster that is a cross between a female human and a nest of snakes.  Yes, a nest of snakes, and not just one.  What should have been her hair was instead a writhing mass of venomous snakes!  This mythical monster was said to have been able to turn people to stone, should they have looked straight at her.  A frightening creature indeed, but in later versions of the myth, she was described as “beautiful yet fearsome”, which is why our modern reimaging of Medusa is kinder than the original version.  It also makes it that much better as a choice for a costume!

There are several ways to represent Medusa in costumery, but by far the most popular revolves around two things: the peplos and the headpiece.  A modern Medusa costume will certainly be built on these two primary components.

It may be argued that the real Medusa may not have cared to clothe herself, as she was a horrible sight to behold in any case.  However, for reasons of decency and Greek elegance, these costumes include a peplos – the ladies’ equivalent of a toga.  The material is quite light, as befitting its Mediterranean origins.  You may want to purchase some appropriately-colored underwear for this costume.  Some getups will substitute the peplos with something more flattering, for an even smokier style.

What’s a Medusa costume without the head of snakes?  It is the defining characteristic of this mythical creature!  The most common version of this representative headpiece is made of plastic and is worn like a hat.  On the other side, curling your hair or getting a wig with curls can look close enough to snakes, while remaining casual enough.  Pile it up, let it down, or give it some volume.

Accessories to consider fall mainly into the faux jewelry category.  Pick out old-style tiaras, bangles, and necklaces.  Get a pair of gladiator sandals to complete that sexy and sassy look!  You’re sure to turn heads and catch attention at your next costume party.  Just don’t turn the partygoers to stone, okay?

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Available Medusa Costume Sizes

available sizesSize does matter!  We are talking about costumes and clothes after all.  Medusa costumes are more popular with adults than with children, so it may be more challenging to find the kids’ version.  Maybe it’s because kids think snakes are icky?  Also, since Medusa was a female, these costumes are intended for use by women.

Whatever the case may be, Medusa costumes are available in Small, Medium, Large, and Plus sizes.  Small is equivalent to sizes 4 to 6, Medium is for sizes 8 to 10, Large for 12 to 14, and Plus size (XL) is from 18 to 20 or (XXL) 22 to 24.  For more specific information, check out our size charts.

Ladies with large busts may need to step up by one size or perform alterations as needed.  One advantage with many Medusa costumes is that the peplos is quite loose and forgiving and thus can fit different body proportions quite easily.

Medusa Background Information

Medusa informationDepending on which version of the myth one refers to, Medusa may either be an ancient monster from the depths of the underworld, or an unfortunate woman made into a monster as punishment.  The latter proves to be a more interesting story.

It is said that Medusa was a ravishing beauty, such that she had many suitors.  At some point, she slept with the god Poseidon, which shouldn’t have been too bad – except they did it in Athena’s temple.  Athena, furious, cursed Medusa, turning her hair into snakes.

The sight of the monstrous Medusa was said to have been able to turn people to stone.  She was finally slain by the hero Perseus, who fought her with the help of a mirror-like shield since he could not look straight at her.

Medusa symbolizes both femininity and the power of a woman when angered.  This powerful imagery is what makes Medusa a well-known figure.

Medusa Movies & TV Shows

Medusa moviesVarious representations of Medusa have been in the public conscious since ancient times.  Aside from the many carvings from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, she has lent her image to many paintings in the centuries prior to today.  Alexander the Great’s armor bore an image of Medusa on the breastplate.

More recently, Medusa has appeared in Disney’s Hercules mythos and also in the Percy Jackson universe.  In the Disney’s Hercules mythos, she is shown as a lonely young gorgon seeking to become human, as she had a crush on Hercules.  In Percy Jackson, the deadlier and more maleficent version was presented, albeit quite glamorous.  Medusa in popular media often has what we might call “snake-like” speech, as she tends to hiss and extend “s” sounds.

The most recent popular appearance was in the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans.  The original movie was filmed in 1981 and also included Medusa.

Similar Costumes

So you might be looking for something similar to but not exactly a Medusa costume.  Since the Medusa figure can be simplified according two criteria, namely evil and feminine, you can pick out similar costumes based on those two points.  A sorceress costume, with a long flowing robe and styled hair makes a good counterpart.  You could pick out a character like Circe, a legendary Greek minor goddess or witch, who turned men into pigs at whim.

If you want to do away with the monstrous connotations but want to keep the classic femininity of the character, then go Greek with your costume.  Pick costumes based on the various goddesses of ancient Greece, like Athena, Demeter, or Aphrodite.  The peplos is the starting point for these costumes, and what make the character are the accessories.  Jewelry, toy weaponry, and various other props all add up to define which character you are portraying.  Play nice or play sassy with these costumes.

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