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Megatron CostumesStrike fear into the hearts of unworthy humans with a Megatron costume. Dominate the world? Why do that when you can dominate the galaxy?

This arch villain is the most evil of the Transformers and you can be sure you are going to get a few surprised looks when you venture out into the night. Pair this outfit with an Optimus Prime costume and battle it out for Cybertron. Your line for the night should be, “I am—Megatron!”

The Megatron Halloween costume is fierce and will take no excuses, just like the character. Megatron was completely made over for the 2007 movie and the filmmakers ditched the original cartoon design for a completely evil looking Transformer. Unlike the other Transformers, Megatron kept his Cybertronian alien form and did not take on the form of a machine.

Instead of his old transformation, where he turned into a gun, this particular Megatron turns into an alien jet. If only the costume could do that for you as well. For now, you have to leave it up to the power of your imagination.

The most prominent feature of this costume is the scary mask. Megatron’s head was designed to resemble a shark, which comes out in the multi-layered teeth and evil looking eyes. You will be sure to get a few double takes when you slip the mask on. This mask is easy to mold to fit your facial shape and head size.

Megatron is literally the biggest villain in the galaxy. Official sources say he stands at 34 m tall. The costume features a jumpsuit that mimics the rough, tarnished armor of the Decepticon leader.  Megatron’s alien origin gives him a sinewy metal look and gives the impression of muscles and bones. The suit’s pattern replicates this exactly, giving you a perfect Cybertronian alien look.

The Megatron Halloween costume is not just for October 31st, it is also a great theme idea for birthday parties and other costume events. Be careful if you are an adult heading to a children’s party, you may freak some of the younger kids out.

Although the Megatron costume has come a long way from its origins, fans of the series may be dismayed at the changes in his look. But because of the popularity of the movies, there is no doubt that people will recognize exactly who you are. You are the leader of the Decepticons, hell bent on destroying the world. Do not let anyone forget it.

Click Here To See The Full Range of Megatron Costumes

Available Megatron Costume Sizes

available sizesMegatron costumes are quite popular with the guys. It may have something to do with the sheer creepiness factor of the outfit. This a great costume for a theme party for the young Transformer fan who wants to be a Decepticon instead of an Autobot for a change. Children ages 4 to12 can enjoy this costume as it comes in small, medium and large sizes.

The mask is a key part of a costume, so for a better fit, especially for the smaller kids, have some foam pads and Velcro handy to easily adjust the mask.

For the older guy, the Megatron costume is available in extra large sizes. Do not let this deter you as the jumpsuit can be easily fixed to fit even a guy of average height. A Megatron costume is a definite must have for the true Transformer’s fan! Pair it with other Autobot or Decepticon outfits to really make an impression.

Megatron Background Information

Megatron informationMegatron was first introduced with the rest of the Transformers back in 1984, 26 years ago. He was originally white with purple details and had the ability to transform into the gun. His primary weapon was a fusion cannon attached to his arm.

Later, Megatron became Galvatron, which allowed him to turn into a Gatling gun. This character design was maintained throughout most of the Transformer incarnations, until the 2007 movie came out.

This particular breed of Megatron was the brainchild of producer Michael Bay, who wanted a more sinister take on the villain. His design was based partly on predatory animals like the shark and partly on samurai armor. Advances in CGI allowed the producers to give the robots a finished metal appearance that looked as if it was beaten, dull or shiny, depending on the angle. The Megatron costume reflects that in the jumpsuit portion.

Although many fans fans of the original series hated the Megatron remake, the movie has gone on to make over $700 million and this is due in part to the evil, menacing presence of Megatron.

Megatron Movies and TV Shows

Megatron moviesDespite his villainy, Megatron has gone on to become one of the favorites of the Transformer franchise. The early toy designs are collector’s items. Megatron is part of the G1 Transformers, the early models that were first introduced with the series.

The original Megatron appeared in the animated series as the primary villain, bent on taking over planet Earth. He has also appeared in the Transformers comics and Japanese manga versions of the series. Later cartoons also included Megatron or versions of Megatron is their casts.

Megatron is the primary antagonist of the first two live action Transformers movies. He will be returning for the third and the rumor is this time around he will be a tank instead of a plane.

The secret of Megatron’s appeal surely is his no-holds-barred approach to evil. He is one bad alien and you will be one too in your Megatron Halloween costume.

Similar Costumes

Besides Megatron, there are a ton of other villain costumes available. Are you sick of seeing Spider-Man all over the place during Halloween? Why not try out a Venom costume this year? This costume is a definite statement on the triumph of evil over good.
Another wonderful villain to portray is the X-men’s Magneto. Take out mutant haters with this awesome Halloween costume.

If you are looking for something a little bit more unique, try the Beetlejuice costume. Be suave, be undead and have your date come as Lydia, the Goth. These outfits are definitely a creepy combination.

The ladies can scare little Dalmatians and children with the lovely Cruella De Vil costume. After all, what is more evil than a lady who wants to turn puppies into a fur coat? If Cruella is just too evil for you, why not go as Maleficent from Snow White? Surely no other villain is as evil as her.

No matter what villain you decide to portray, do not forget your evil laugh and sense of humor.

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