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Military CostumesHave you ever thought of getting a military costume for either yourself or your child?  There is a wide variety available, making it pretty easy to find something you like.  Then there is the appeal of the character behind the costume – our military carries the power to protect and defeat our opponents.  You do not have to be a die-hard patriot to appreciate what these hard-working men and women do!

Your choice of military costume can start whether you want Army, Navy, or Air Force.  These three branches have distinctive outfits for regular servicemen, and you might like one more than the other.

Army costumes tend towards rugged, camouflage-patterned clothes.  Army uniforms for regular soldiers are meant to protect them from various low-level dangers and annoyances while giving them an improved ability to blend into their surroundings.  There are a variety of different camouflage patterns, such as those used for jungles, deserts, snowfields, and urban zones.

Navy costumes are lighter and a bit looser to take advantage of the cooling effects of the sea breeze.  Camouflage is not really an issue because naval battles occur on ships, not natural and man-modified terrain.  The uniforms of our Navy evoke a certain carefree attitude, but serves well in onboard combat situations.

Air force uniforms are centered on jumpsuits which tend to be more form-fitting than other military wear.  These streamlined uniforms make it easy to dress up and lessen the likelihood that something will snag and flip a switch somewhere, since cockpits are small.  There are also less pockets, as pilots do not need to carry as much equipment with them.

Special Forces uniforms are no less special than they are.  These outfits are usually crafted for stealth and protection, so dark colors are the norm.  More than that, costumes based off of Special Forces have special gear for various operations.

Another way to choose would be to decide from a selection of historical military outfits.  Perhaps you want a World War II general’s uniform like the legendary Patton.  Think you can pull of a Robert E. Lee or a George Washington costume?  Or how about that famous French fighter, Napoleon Bonaparte, tactician extraordinaire?

For adults, the potentials of military costume choices increase when you consider the “sexy” variants.  Lots of people like men and women in uniform, so these costumes capitalize on that and adjust for maximum effect.  You’ll be ready for any battle that comes your way!

Military CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Military Costumes

Available Military Costume Sizes

available sizesGetting a military costume in the right size, whether for kids or adults, is easy because of the array of sizes.  For kids, you can get anything in Toddler size all the way up to kids’ X-Large.  Adults can get theirs in Small all the way up to X-Large.  Some costumes are available in one size (Standard) only.  For the ladies, some costumes come in X-Small too.  Please make sure to check for what sizes your desired costume comes in.

Footwear is sold separately from the costumes, so check out the wide selection of shoes and boots to complete your costume.  Please note that some costumes may not include the hat by default.

Feedback from customers does point out some things to note.  Ladies’ uniforms are a little smaller than listed, so you might want to think about getting it one size larger.  For men, pants tend to be a bit too loose, so some adjustments may be required.

Military Background Information

Military InformationThough the military Halloween costume is not exactly scary, it does denote power.  Thus, costumes based on military outfits make their appearance throughout the year, and not just during the season of spooks.

When we think of “military” we usually think of men and women who attack and defend as a matter of livelihood.  This was not always the case.  In older times, all men were trained to fight, and most countries did not have standing armies but rather citizen-warriors ready to head into battle when needed.  The foundation of more dedicated militaries meant a more stable peace, but also consumes a lot of resources.

The military men and women of modern times do more than just fight battles and guard places of tactical value.  Certain groups within militaries serve to distribute relief goods in cases of natural and human disaster.  Others work to build and reconstruct infrastructures.  All in all, they work to protect civilians and serve their countries.

Military Movies & TV Shows

Military moviesThe military is about as inextricable an element in popular media as conflict itself.  Where there are monsters concerned, the military steps in to do battle.  Movies involving military combat against monsters were common fare in previous decades.  Movies based on wars pervade our consciousness.

Aside from the militaries of old and new, there are also the militaries of fantasy.  Human, elven, dwaven, orcish, and various other armies in battle – does that sound familiar?  It should, because it is the very stuff that fantasy novels, movies, and games are made of.  Lord of The Rings, Narnia, and so many more!

In gaming, the military is a constant source of inspiration.  Whether they draw from historical sources, the realms of fantasy, or futuristic envisioning, games involving dedicated fighting personnel will always be available.

In our daily lives, the military makes its presence felt via mass media reports on their activities, wherever they are.

Similar Costumes

There are quite a few alternatives to getting a military costume.  Here are some choice picks to substitute for a military Halloween costume.

An interesting variation is the green army man costume.  If you played with those old green plastic army figures, then you will note this one with nostalgia.  Otherwise, it is a witty statement, and certainly catches attention.

The militaries of old were built on the backs of ground warriors, and what stereotypes them most is the European knight.  Knight costumes all include armor of some sort, and a variety of optional accessories.  Will you get a helmet or a helmet?  Sword or mace?  One-handed or two-handed?  The choices are endless!

Warriors of all sorts can make great alternatives too.  Play the Roman legionnaire or the Viking raider for some ye olde fun.  Sci-fi fans can go as Star Wars’ Jedi, Sith, or Storm Troopers, or in Star Trek’s starship uniforms.  Set phasers to stun and flourish those lightsabers!

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