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Optimus Prime CostumesYou just cannot go wrong with an Optimus Prime costume. Instantly recognizable as the leader of the Autobots, this outfit will definitely cause a stir at any party.

Optimus Prime costumes are based on the actual cartoon and come in three versions: from the movie and original series and the new animated series currently airing in Cartoon Network. Optimus Prime has gone through many changes over the years but he is still one of the most popular Transformers around. It probably has something to do with his voice and the awesome way he says “Autobots, transform and roll out.”

All feature Optimus Prime’s original cab over truck design. Transformers addicts who have loved the series from the beginning and new fans introduced to him by the movie trilogy should get a kick out of this getup.
The Optimus Prime costume features a full jumpsuit designed to reproduce the body of the truck that the character uses as a disguise. The most recent version mimicked the Peterbilt truck. The chest is usually bright red with silver or blue accents in front to suggest the front grill of a truck, like the Optimus in the original TV and comic series.

Other designs include the flame hot rod accents that were introduced in the movie. The mechanical part of the chest piece is a little more detailed here, where the machinery is exposed as opposed to inside.  Here is where Optimus Prime keeps the Matrix of Leadership bestowed on him when he became leader of the Autobots.
The white pants may come attached to the suit or as a separate piece. For other costumes, the pants are dark blue or purple with flame motif accents—exactly like the Optimus Prime in the movies.

Of course, an Optimus Prime Halloween costume would not be complete without the boxy cuffs for the arms and legs to finish off the robot look. These parts create the essential 3D effect that really give the impression of an animated, live machine.

A distinctive element of the costume is Optimus Prime’s masked helmet. The mask features a gray mouth plate and a blue helmet that is distinct from all other Transformers.
Other accessories include the arm blaster used in the movie, the infamous Optimus Prime sword.
An Optimus Prime Halloween costume may just be the ticket. Now if you could only figure out how to actually transform in to a truck.

Optimus Prime Costumes

Click Here To See The Full Range of Optimus Prime Costumes

Available Optimus Prime Costume Sizes

available sizesOptimus Prime Halloween costumes are available for men in sizes ranging from one size fits most men. Since the costume is meant to be worn as one piece, it is great for taller guys looking to make a statement at the next costume party or two.

For the guy unwilling to wear the entire suit, masks and shirts are available in extra large, good for a simple costume idea. This is great for the teenage boy who still wants a cool costume but does not want to come off looking like a dork.

Little guys who absolutely love the Transformers are going to love the many versions available for them. Movie and TV versions are available in child sizes from small to large. This outfit can be good for boys and girls ages 4 to 12.
For the women out there who have a thing for machines, a female version of the Optimus Prime costume is also available in sizes ranging from small to large. This sexy little outfit would be great for theme parties or for couple costume ideas.

Optimus Prime Background Information

Optimus Prime informationThe Transformers actually started out as a toy line in 1984. A Japanese company called Takara Tomy came up with the idea of making toys that could transform into robots and everyday vehicles such as trucks, race cars and helicopters. This was based on another toy line called Diaclone, which originally came up with the transforming idea.

Optimus Prime was part of the first generation of Transformers introduced by Hasbro in the 1980s. Prime was originally based on a Kenworth W900 truck, an imposing vehicle with huge front grills. The latest movies now use the Peterbilt 379 design. Because of the truck background, he was called Convoy (and still is, in Japan because Japanese kids have a hard time pronouncing Optimus prime).
The distinctive blue and red colors of Optimus Prime were designed to emulate good superheroes like Spider-Man. The Optimus Prime costume is one of the most recognizable in the world because of this. This has stayed consistent throughout the different incarnations of Prime, who remains one of the most beloved of the Transformers franchise up to this day.

Optimus Prime Movies and TV Shows

Optimus Prime moviesBecause Optimus Prime is one of the most popular Transformers in the world, he has been featured in different media over the years. The original Transformers cartoon’s storyline focused on the battle between the Decepticons and the Autobots with Optimus Prime leading the charge. Optimus actually died in the movie at the end of the series, passing on the leadership to another Transformer.

Marvel has several Transformers comics based on the franchise as well, which delve deeper into his past. Optimus Prime has also been featured in many commercials, notably for Pepsi and Burger King.  He has also appeared in other Transformers’ series like Beast Wars.

Optimus Prime action figures are also extremely popular with collectors. Rare items can sell for as high as $500.
Perhaps the Optimus Prime costume or design that people recognize the most is the one from Michael Bay’s Transformers trilogy. The movies are extremely popular and have brought the Transformers back into public view.

Similar Costumes

There are several other costumes that the Transformers fan might want to consider when it comes to the Transformers. Try being the head honcho of the Decepticons with the Megatron costume. Why not go for Bumblebee, another Transformer’s fave?

Want to keep going with the robot theme? Why not try a Terminator costume, just for a chance to say “Come with me if you want to live.” Try on a Terminator mask or two and channel Arnold for a night. John Connor costumes are also at hand to help you save the human race from Skynet.

Robocop is another great robot outfit that can be a unique and smart choice for a costume party. Who will not love the robot with a true sense of justice?

Go vintage with a Tin Man costume, available in male and female versions. The Wizard of Oz is also a great theme costume idea for a group.

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