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Pebbles CostumesIf you’re wondering what your next costume could be, don’t let your stomach go into knots.  Take a cue from a Stone Age darling who’s got her head together.  Actually, it’s simply tied up in a single knot minus all the modern conveniences of a hair dryer and styler. Feminine hairdo a la pre-historic style, it’s enough to tickle anyone’s funny bones.

You know we’re talking about the one and only Pebbles of the Flintstones family.  Timeless and ageless, she’ll always be the family darling who has captivated everyone’s heart with her great and not-so-great ideas.  Nevertheless, a Pebbles Costume would definitely fall under a great idea!

The daughter whom Fred Flintstone dotes on and the best friend whom Bamm-Bamm Rubble crushes on, Pebbles is the epitome of the modern Stone Age girl.  From being a toddler to a teen, she has captured everyone’s attention.  Millions of viewers, young and old, have laughed at her misadventures and watched her grow up.

In her transition from cute little toddler to adorable teenager, it’s endearing how this Stone Age girl has preserved her trademark look.  One look at her and you’re back to Bedrock and its era of dinosaurs and cave people.  Then as in now, her hot pink outfit in animal print design will always look so hip and fashionista.  Her best friend and lifelong partner in mischief, Bamm-Bamm would wholeheartedly agree!

So what again are the trademarks of a Pebbles Flintstone Costume?  Well, think tattered on the fringes and edges.  The more tattered, the better!

Overall, a Pebbles Costume features a feminine pink shirt patterned with large black prints.  To add that necessary touch of shabbiness, the shirt comes with a tattered-looking collar and matching sleeves.

What goes next into the lower half of the outfit?  To match the pink-and-black top, the costume also features black, just-as-tattered-looking shorts.  These bottoms can be worn with matching leg warmers and black flats.

And for your crowning glory, ladies, you get the chance to wear a short, orange wig topped off by a plastic bone to keep those locks in place.  With this very special, signature effect, it all looks very innocent and endearing!

All in all, it’s a very cute outfit with a prehistoric touch!  Although it’s practically impossible for anyone to go back to the Stone Age, it is possible to bring the Stone Age back to this time and relive the era of this imp of a girl.

Pebbles CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Pebbles Costumes

Available Pebbles Costume Sizes

available sizesAny girl will look impishly beautiful in a Pebbles Costume.  This redhead can be a handful, but let’s hand it to the costume world.  They can provide you with the best fits and sizes for a girl of any age.

A Pebbles Halloween Costume comes in sizes for toddlers, children, teens, and adults.  Child sizes are available in small, medium, and large.

You’ll love how toddler jumpsuits are made of soft fleece and polyester material.  They are easy to wear and snug at the feet.  There’s no need to twist your child’s hair into a Jurassic ponytail, because most sets comes with a ready-made headpiece.

We’re not kidding when we say that this costume is ideal for any shirt and shorts type of person.  It’s light, casual, and comfortable.  Going barefoot would be the genuine thing for any Stone Age girl, but keeping your shoes on will be no trouble at all.

Pebbles Background Information

Pebbles informationThe world of costumes has become even more creative, but where in the world did they come up with such a Jurassic theme?  Well, it’s essentially part of human history and culture.

In the prehistoric times, wearing animal skin translated into warmth and comfort.  As a body covering, they were not only meant for protection but they were also used as part of the ritual.  Thus, animal prints will never be outdated because they stand for tradition, ceremony, and style.

If you’d really like to explore funny and down-to-earth themes in costume-wearing, then go for animal prints and Stone Age designs.  Come to think of it, a Pebbles Costume would be dynamite!  It would be straight out of the dynamite world of Bedrock.

Nowadays, wearing a Stone Age costume can be very hilarious!  It’s enough to throw anyone off their rockers.  You can’t help but smile when you see a gal with the gall to go prehistoric and yet pull it off nicely!

Pebbles Movies and TV Shows

Pebbles MoviesHanna-Barbera must have seen it coming because, fifty years ago, they just kept showing and promoting this hoard of modern cave dwellers with their funny contraptions.

A real charmer, Pebbles Flintstone has charmed the hearts of millions of viewers.  She was first introduced in the 60’s as a bouncy, red-haired infant.  The apple of Fred and Wilma’s eyes, Pebbles grew up before your own eyes in an animated TV show called The Flintstones.

By the time she and Bamm-Bamm were teenagers in the 70’s, they had their own special gig known as The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show.  Here, they continued with their adventures and misadventures as two overgrown adults who remain kids at heart.

If you’ve caught the bug on going retro, there are cable channels which cater to these wacky tastes.  One of them would be Cartoon Network’s Boomerang channel.  Here’s where you can watch re-runs of The Flintstones and other all-time favorites.

Similar Costumes

A Pebbles Halloween costume looks perfect all on its own, but what’s the fun in going to a costume party alone?  If you’re going as Pebbles, then you will gel fabulously with all other Flintstones.

What a riot when a funky group of Stone Age cave-dwellers invade a roomful of modern party-goers?  What’s more, if Bamm-Bamm wears his lopsided tortoise shell hat and brings along his big stone club?  It would be the world of The Flintstones all over again.

Besides, what are friendly next-door neighbors for if Pebbles can’t jam with Bamm-Bamm?  Fred teams up with Wilma, and Barney goes well with Betty, for old times’ sake.

After all, a night of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm with all of the gang means exactly that!  An entire group of you, Flintstones fans out there, can go in Pebbles Costumes, Bamm-Bamm Costumes, Fred and Wilma Flintstone Costumes, and Barney and Betty Rubble Costumes.

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