Pocahontas Costume

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Pocahontas CostumesThis coming Halloween season, who do you want to be? Well, boys usually want to be as scary as they can get. But if you are a girl or a lady, you probably want to relive your dreams of becoming a full-pledged princess. If that is the case, why not try and take a look at the Pocahontas costume?

And it will be quite an extraordinary choice indeed! The Pocahontas Halloween costume is not like any other princess costume. It takes things on the more adventurous side and it is also more daring and more revealing! It is unlike other princess costumes which all showcase the same old boring happily-ever-after bubbly princess design.

Admit it. People are already tired of the age old Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty type of outfits. They are all the same with their long gowns, flashy sparkling clothes, and jewel studded tiaras. And the Pocahontas costume breaks free from these norms.

If you have watched the Disney full feature animated film Pocahontas, you know the lady is not an ordinary royalty. She climbs trees, she runs across hills, she tames animals, and she can deliver quite the punch! You can say she is not the regular cutie type, delicate, and pampered Disney princess.

And to make all of her adventurous activities possible, Pocahontas is given a less restrictive outfit by Disney. So instead of the long gowns and expensive jewelries, she comes with a rather simple Indian style dress. It makes it easy to move around and do some real stunts.

And this is a relief if you do not want to be restricted by elaborately designed princess gowns. After all, you need to have all the mobility you can muster in a party. You will be chatting with friends, meeting people, drinking wine, and eating meals. If you cannot move around properly, that will be a letdown.

So in more ways than one, the Pocahontas costume is such a fine choice of garment. It will be great for Halloween costume parties, trick or treats, birthday parties, and Christmas parties as well. And if you just want to play Pocahontas, the costume is a great reproduction of the original. You will be convincing enough.

And because Pocahontas is one of Disney’s most popular full feature animated films, it will be certain that everyone on that party hall will recognize you. You will be the new star of the night and you do not even have to wear restrictive gowns to do that.

Pocahontas Costumes

Click Here To See The Full Range of Pocahontas Costumes

Available Pocahontas Costume Sizes

available sizesEvery little girl and lady should have the chance to wear the Pocahontas Halloween costume. But this is only possible if the selection includes a wide range of sizes. If that is the case, you can rest assured that there is a Pocahontas costume that will fit you no matter your size or age.

And because children are most likely the ones who look for this outfit, it is best to begin here. For child sizes, there is a wide range starting from small, to medium, and large. And for the adult fans of the wild princess, the available sizes are also just as varied. And as an addition, there is also an extra small size.

But what if you are a little bit on the heavier side? Thankfully, there are also available plus sizes for the Pocahontas costume. The available sizes start from extra large and goes all the way up to triple extra large.

Pocahontas Background Information

Pocahontas informationIf you thought that the character of Pocahontas is purely fiction, you are gravely mistaken. The truth is that there was once a real Indian princess named Pocahontas. She was real and her life’s story is somewhat very similar to that of the Disney animated film with the same name.

The real Pocahontas was daughter to an Indian Tribe. The tribe was called Powhatan Chiefdom. Later in their history, outsiders came and the foreigners were entertained and welcomed by Princess Pocahontas herself. Afterwards, she married one of those foreign men and lived in the city. The records also suggests than she once rescued a city man from being executed by her tribe. This earned her the respect of the people.

But the actual name of Princess Pocahontas is Matoaka. She was only known by the nickname Pocahontas because it meant ‘little wanton’ describing her rather wild and adventurous attitude as a child. When she was baptized into Christianity, she was given the name Rebecca.

Pocahontas Movies and TV Shows

Pocahontas moviesWhen Disney decided to produce a film that will portray a princess with an image that will deviate from the ordinary, they decided to go for the historical Pocahontas. The real person behind the character was a tribe princess who became civilized in city standards after marrying a city man.

The film was completed and was released on the year 1995. It the beginning, it was only released on selected theatres. But the full motion picture was welcomed well and soon became a world phenomenon. For the first time, there is a Disney princess without the ordinary long gowns and delicate and bubbly feminine features.

Because of the demand that the film garnered, a sequel movie was produced and was titled Pocahontas II: Journey To A New World. But it did not end there. Later, in a collaboration work between Disney and Square Enix, Pocahontas also appeared in the Playstation 2 game Kingdom Hearts.

Similar Costumes

Because of its historical background which involves the Powhatan Indian Tribe princess Matoaka, the design of the clothes of Pocahontas highly resembles regular Indian outfit. If you look around the selection of female Indian costumes, you could very well chance by a nearly Pocahontas looking dress.

Therefore, other characters that are Indian in nature will also mostly resemble the Pocahontas Costume. As long as the color scheme revolves around earthy and natural colors, the similarity will be close. So if you will be attending the party with some friends, you can advise them to look for female Indian tribe costumes.

If you will be attending the costume party with a guy or with your loved one, you can ask him to wear Indian costumes for men. There are plenty of these available and the two of you will look perfectly matched. And to spice things up, do not forget to add native-themed accessories.

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