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Reno 911 CostumesLooking to get a few laughs with your costume this Halloween or at your next party? Why not try the Reno 911 costume outfits?  You’ll surely get chuckles out of fans of the show.

Perhaps the most popular and certainly most iconic Reno 911 costume is the Lt. Dangle costume.  It is based very much on a police uniform.  It is tan, with black epaulet straps and the cargo pockets that police officers have need for.  The belt really is part of the costume, with lots of points for carrying the various tools of enforcement.  There are straps and loops for handcuffs, a flashlight, keys, and a baton.  A gold star badge adds that touch of official authority.

Below the belt, though, it’s a different story.  Lt. Dangle is not the average police officer, in the detrimental sense.  He’s not just inept, he also prefers to wear shorts for some reason.  And these are tight, short, shorts.  He says it’s for maximum mobility, but everyone thinks otherwise.  His being gay probably has to do something with it.

The other Reno 911 costume is that of Deputy Johnson.  She’s promiscuous and more than a little trashy, and is a known drug user.  She also has admitted to drunk driving, and is quite lenient with apprehended drug users.  In keeping with her moral fiber or lack thereof, the costume strays from the standard lady police uniform.  It does have the epaulet straps, pocket flap detail, a badge, and the department patch.  A belt with straps and loops for various implements comes standard.

It’s pretty much given that shimmery gold fabric isn’t standard police issue.  The same goes for is the short skirt.  Add to that the fact that Deputy (later Sergeant) Johnson tends to wear her uniform with the top buttons disengaged and with her belly exposed, and you have yourself a perfect Deputy Johnson costume!

The other members of the Reno Sheriff’s Department are more conventional in their mode of dress, so they do not make as good inspirations for costumery.  On the flipside, these two costumes are instantly recognizable to anyone who has watched the show.  Even if they haven’t seen the show, you’ll at least get a few titters!

Put these costumes on and start patrolling the party!  If anyone steps out of line, well, they’ll just find out what it cost them when these two officers come rolling around.

Reno 911 CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Reno 911 Costumes

Available Reno 911 Costume Sizes

available sizesThe male half of the two Reno 911 Halloween costume options (Lt. Dangle’s) is available in Standard size, but even then the shorts are really short.  The Deputy Johnson costume is available in X-Small, Small, and Medium, and also in Plus.  These are officially licensed Reno 911 costumes, so you are sure to get a true-to-character look!

The skirt on the Deputy Johnson costume may be shorter than you are comfortable with, so boyshorts or similar underwear is recommended.  In both cases, you might feel a bit of a chill because of the amount of exposed skin.  On the flipside, the fabric used for the Deputy Johnson costume is not very breathable.

The customer feedback we got agrees that these costumes fit true to size, and they certainly look the part!  If you don’t have a mustache, then a blond mustache for Lt. Dangle may be in order.  Add your own shoes and aviator sunglasses to complete the look!

Reno 911 Background Information

Reno 911 informationThese costumes are great fun for any fans of the Reno 911 comedy series.  The series followed the misadventures of the incompetent members of the fictional Reno Sheriff’s Department.  They are not only inept, but they often end up in embarrassing and dangerous situations – as a result of their own actions for a fair portion of the time.

Lt. James Ron Dangle is the top-ranking officer on the team, which isn’t saying much.  He’s a homosexual, often flirting with the heterosexual Deputy Jones, and sometimes with suspects too.  For some reason he prefers to use a bicycle, and for some other reason it keeps getting stolen or vandalized.

Deputy (later Sergeant) Johnson is an officer only in the loosest possible way.  She’s trashy and an admitted marijuana user and drunk driver.  She’s also quite promiscuous, and often wears her uniform showing a lot of cleavage.

The rest of the crew also have their own flaws, and it all comes together as comedy gold – or at least gold-plated.

Reno 911 Movies & TV Shows

Reno 911 MoviesThe Reno 911 costume options are based on the characters from the show, but of course these in turn are derived from real police uniforms.  In fact, one can say that a Reno 911 costume is a police uniform with one outstanding caricatured flaw – like short shorts and unfastened buttons.

Reno 911 is an improvisational comedy show that ran across six seasons from 2003 to 2009.  A total of 88 episodes and 1 movie were released.  There is little dialogue written down, and much of what the characters say are ad lib and improvisation.  This gives a sense of realism, albeit a parody of the real world.  Rest assured that the real police department of Reno is competent.

Though the humor is quite unrefined and offends many sensibilities (racial, sexual, et cetera), it was a popular show.  Perhaps it was the heavily flawed but endearing cast that made it work.  In the end, it was all about the laughs!

Similar Costumes

Want something other than the Reno 911 Halloween costume?  Here are some related suggestions.

Why not drop the comedy and stick to the business – police business that is.  Get the more serious police costumes and get ready to bring the heat down on mischievous rascals this Halloween.  For a variation, try going as a British bobby with the distinctive hat and put on a nasal accent.  ‘Ello, what’s all this then?

Want to serve and protect the greater masses?  Get in military costume!  Choose from Army, Navy, Air Force, and various special operations forces, and get in the zone.  Your options: fatigues, sailor suits, jumpsuits, and so much more.  Conduct yourself authoritatively but with discretion.  Hoo-rah!

Saving lives isn’t always about catching crooks.  Firefighters are no less heroes!  They have their own set of distinctive uniforms too. He or she will probably set your passion on fire, but it’s nothing they can’t handle.

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