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Smurf CostumesGood things are coming to you this costume season, because a new set of characters are on their way!  The Smurf Costume is here!
For all Smurf fans and collectors you’ll feel a certain tug of familiarity because these creatures have endeared themselves to you one way or another.  In the past, they may have influenced your hobbies, lingo, and get-up.  There used to be a time when the word “smurf” was part of the language.  You look smurf today.  Will you be smurfing?  Let’s go smurfing!

Smurfing is a package full of thrills once you get to know The Smurfs.  It’s fun to rediscover this hit comic series which made it big in the 70’s and 80’s.  In your visit through the mushroom village, don’t skip[ or overlook most famous characters who made The Smurfs popular.

As one big happy family, the Smurfs are known to work together.  Despite their different personalities, they’re basically friendly and easygoing in nature.  Named as to disposition, there’s Dreamy, Clumsy, and Happy Smurf.  Named according to their job, there’s Farmer, Barber, and Doctor Smurf.  Varied in disposition and energy, there’s Brainy, Jokey, Handy, and Baby Smurf.  Not to be left behind are evil yet cool characters like Gargamel, Johan, and other non-Smurfs.
If there’s one among the Smurfs who stands out, it could be Papa Smurf.  He’s got this bright, blue shirt matched with vibrant, red pants.  Along with his large Smurf-style character headpiece, he’s bound to wear a full, white beard.  Papa Smurf also stands out because he’s the oldest in the clan, being more than half-a-century old!

By far the prettiest and smurfiest of all Smurfs would be Smurfette.  Muse of the Smurf mushroom village and the entire Smurf clan, she is simply adorable!  She looks terrific in a light blue top with a soft white dress, and so would you in your Smurfette Costume.  This costume also has matching blue pants topped off by a cute, white Smurf-style hat.
People are going crazy over a Smurf Costume, and each one is easy to spot.  Once you see a light blue shirt paired with white pants and a smurf-style hat in white, you’re surely catching on to the craze!
So if you’re thinking retro these days, as most fashions are, then you’ll be feeling nostalgic about The Smurfs.  After all, these little blue creatures are celebrating their 50th year in existence.  From white, blue, and red, they’ve turned golden in age.

Smurf CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Smurf Costumes

Available Smurf Costume Sizes

available sizesBecause the original Smurf fans are undoubtedly all-grown-up now, Adult Smurf Costumes are just as saleable as Child Smurf Costumes.  Adult sizes are available in standard and extra large (plus), while kiddie sizes are in small, medium, and large.

A Smurf Halloween Costume will also be new and interesting to teenagers.  You’ll love wearing a character costume that’s new and hip to you but very familiar to your parents and older siblings.
Little children will look incredibly cute in Infant, Toddler, or Child Smurf Costumes.  These costumes are jumpsuit-style with character headpiece, and they come in all sizes for ages 4 to 10.  There are even romper-style costumes with hats, and they are designed for infants and toddlers aged 6 months to 4 years.
Aside from the shirt, pants, and headpiece which come with every set, there could also be some shoe covers and white-colored mittens to complete an officially-licensed Smurf package.

Smurf Background Information

Smurf informationFor those who have patronized the adventures of the Smurfs, let’s take you to a trip down memory lane.  A majority of fans and collectors from the 80’s generation only need a little time to be reminded about the Smurfs.  For those who have never been acquainted with the Smurfs, it’s time to get to know them.
Looking back, the Smurfs were a brainchild of the Belgian cartoonist, Pierre “Peyo” Culliford.  A remake of this original French concept, the American version was an instant hit with the 80’s crowd.  Everywhere, the fad grew and the characters endeared themselves to homes and families.  They made a lot of kids skip on both feet, remember?
Because the fans of the 80’s are a sentimental lot, we can’t help but impart the same passion for the Smurf fad to the next generation.  It will reflect in the fashionable costumes that will go retro this year.

Smurf Movies and TV Shows

Smurf moviesIn the early 1980’s, credit goes to Hanna-Barbera studios for bringing these animated creatures onscreen to the American market.  Wonder of all wonders, they’re here to invade your world once more in the form of movies and costumes.

Come 2011, they will be all over the cinemas and screens.  Teenagers will love that it’s Katy Perry who’s doing the role of Smurfette.  Really, the Smurfs are back and they’re here to color your world.

Once again, Papa Smurf, Happy Smurf, and Brainy Smurf collide forces to make your day happy, the smurf way.  So if you’re feeling blue, just sing to the tune of a happy Smurf song.  Better yet, join the trend and wear a happy Smurf Costume!

In no time at all, everyone will be smurfing!  Start smurfing early, by choosing and ordering a Smurf Halloween Costume now.  Otherwise, you’ll be left behind in the ramble and tumble of these mad, little creatures.

Similar Costumes

The Smurf craze could become viral so get a head-start.  It has already started on the Facebook network where people have placed Smurfs as favorite cartoon characters on their profile pictures.

It seems like it’s time to practice your Smurf language too.  A language alien to you, it takes some getting used to.  But soon you’ll discover that a blue-colored smurfy costume is just as wonderfully strange as a Megamind Costume or an Avatar Costume.

A Smurf Costume would also fall under a similar category as a Job Costume.  Options to consider are Tailor, Miner, Poet, and Actor because there’s a Smurf for every one of these occupations.  If you’d like to don a Magician Costume, then be Gargamel, the evil wizard of the Smurf Kingdom. Going to any theme party of this sort won’t be a problem, because now you know what to wear!

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