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Snow White CostumesNothing screams princess more than a Snow White costume. The first of the Disney princesses, generations of children have grown up watching the classic Disney flick. Show White’s famous dress is extremely popular with young girls and young women. People still remember and love the 7 Dwarves and the innocent princess that they helped rescue.

The different incarnations of the Snow White costume give you lots of options when it comes to your version of the princess. Whatever overall look you are going for, it is all here for you.

One option is to stick to the tried and true Snow White Disney princess dress. This dress is demure, tasteful and appropriate to wear even to church! It is composed of a yellow skirt (usually floor or ankle length) and a bodice. The bodice of the skirt is dark blue with detailing and features a stiff white collar.

Adult and children’s costumes both have the short puffy striped sleeves with gold and red detail. Both also come with petticoats and a red cape for the complete Snow White experience.

Feel free to accessorize this look with pretty gold flats and a red bowed headband for the sweet fairy princess. This costume is a wonderful option for the little girl who is dying to be a princess this Halloween or the woman looking for a great wholesome costume for a children’s or office party. It is also a great gift for a little girl who loves to play dress up and host stuffed toy tea parties.

For the young lady, a tasteful but sexy version of the costume is available. This costume features a shorter yellow dress but otherwise comes with a cape and headpiece. This is great for younger teenagers who want to look cute for the boys but do not want to get on the wrong side of mom and dad.

For the adult looking for a more risqué outfit this Halloween, give the sexier Snow Princess and Sexy Snow White adult costumes a try. It is a great investment for girls who cannot wait for Halloween and the chance to go wild. Show off great legs with the ruffled mini petticoat or a mini-dress. Be the sexiest princess around with these cute outfits.

Accessorize your Snow White Halloween costume with a black Snow White Wig. Remember to bring along a shiny red apple for maximum effect.

Snow White CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Snow White Costumes

Available Snow White Costume Sizes

available sizesThe many variations of the princess costume are a stable for Halloween, especially for the ladies. Because of the charm of the Snow White Halloween costume, outfits are available for all ages and sizes. It is just a matter of finding the best fit for you.

The smallest size available is the dress for infants 12 to 18 months old. Due to the differences in sizes between babies, make sure to order a size up to ensure that perfect fit.

Snow White costumes for children are available in toddler to child sizes. The largest child size available is a medium, a good fit for the average sized 8-year old.

Girls over 10 and teenagers up to 16 years of age can easily fit into the teen sizes. Adult sizes in small can also fit taller girls who may already be outgrowing their kid clothes. Medium and large sizes are also available.

Snow White Background Information

Snow White informationThe Disney version of Snow White stems from the German fairy tale Schneewittchen, which was part of an anthology of fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm. This fairy tale has several versions in several countries but the most popular involves the magic mirror, evil queen and of course, the seven dwarves.

The story is very familiar, a girl fighting against her evil stepmother. She is cast out of the castle but finds friends in the dwarves. Eventually the jealous stepmom realizes she is still alive and sets out to poison her. She is later rescued by the prince.

In 1937, Snow White was reworked by Walt Disney and presented as a feature film. Her design is credited to Albert Hurter, who worked as a concept artist for the studio at the time. It was a huge hit, cementing the heroine’s star status. The Snow White costume became instantly recognizable all over the world.

Snow White Movies and TV Shows

Snow White moviesGiven that Snow White is 74 years old and her fairytale incarnations are even older, it boggles the mind that she is still one of the more enduring characters today. There is just something about the sweet princess that appeals to everyone. Snow White brings people back to a time of princesses, magic and the happy ending. The Snow White movie was the top grossing film of the 1930s and is still available on DVD today.

Snow White is a favorite photo opportunity at Disney theme parks. Their mascot, dressed in the Snow White costume, can be found in various areas of the park. Snow White’s Scary Adventures is one of the few remaining original rides in Orlando.

Snow White’s songs have been deemed classics over the ages. Many a little girl has shattered mom or dad’s eardrums by singing this constantly. She will always be remembered by current and future generations as the classic example of the kind-hearted princess.

Similar Costumes

If Snow White does not make the list of favorite princesses, you will have a host of other Disney classics to choose from. Try a Cinderella or Princess Aurora outfit or better yet, get one of each. These costumes are definitely worth their price, since they will be worn over and over again. Your favorite Disney Princess costumes are available in child to adult sizes.

Sick and tired of playing princess? It is time to break out the Evil Queen costume. Plot while stirring your cauldron, call on the dark forces and have a blast all night. Is your little girl dressing up as a princess this Halloween? Step into the shoes of the evil stepmom and join the fun.

Why not break out of the Disney mold entirely and try a fairy princess costume for the night? Imagine sheer dresses, beautiful wings and delicate fabrics, you will definitely be the talk of any costume party.

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