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Spiderman CostumesPutting on a Spiderman costume should be a treat. Who does not want to be Spiderman for Halloween? Get that spider-sense tingling and web swing away.

The Amazing Spiderman is one of the best loved of all of Stan Lee’s creations. Everyone can relate to the ordinary nerd suddenly gifted with superpowers after a bite from a radioactive spider. Spidey’s agility, super strength and spider sense have made him a fan favorite all over the world.

It is no wonder then that the Spiderman Halloween costume has been a mainstay for years. Everybody loves your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. The costume, like the character, has had many incarnations over the years. Spiderman fans are familiar with Carnage and Poison, alternate and evil versions of the webbed hero.

Spiderwoman, of course, is a huge hit with women. The all-black Venom outfit is another sure win for kids, adults and teenagers.

The Spiderman costume is essentially a body suit covered with cobwebs, normally made out of spandex. The costume is blue from the waist down, except for the calf-high boots which feature black cobwebs against a red background.  The torso is mostly red, except for the sides, back and arms.

A red spider logo takes up most of the back area with the legs reaching around the ribcage. The black spider logo is placed in front.  The costume covers the body completely to give Spiderman maximum flexibility when battling foes.

Spiderman costumes would not be complete without his mask. The mask’s most distinguishing features are the black rimmed white lenses. There is no opening for the mouth because the hero uses his mask to mask his voice.

Spiderman costumes have evolved over the years but the basic design remains the same. One of the perennial favorites is Spiderman’s black costume. Instead of the red and blue design, the costume is all black. The spider logo was switched to white for contrast. This design has been around since the 1980s. The Venom costume has the exact same design.

The Spider-Woman costume retains the same original red and blue pattern as the original but in the form of a sassy dress. Instead of the full face mask, hide your secret identity with an eye mask and party the night away. Swap the leggings for red or black boots for a sexy effect.

Finish off your Spiderman costume with a couple of web shooters and some acrobatic poses.

Spiderman CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Spiderman Costumes

Available Spiderman Costume Sizes

available sizesSpiderman’s enduring popularity give rise to a variety of choices for costumes for kids and the young at heart.

Toddlers will get a kick out of the Spiderman Halloween costume long after Halloween is over. Get one for your 2 to 4-year old for hours of pretend-play fun. Most child costumes for boys and girls are available from toddler sizes up to larger sizes for children 10 to 12 years old. For a better fit and longer use, order a size up.

No matter how old your boyfriend, husband or son is, they will definitely get a kick out of the Spiderman costume. After all, what guy would not want those super cool powers? Amazing Spiderman and black Spidey outfits are available in teen, one-size fits all to plus size.

If your man has a sense of humor, have him try out the muscle suits too. Get your own costume for double the Spiderman Halloween costume experience.

Spiderman Background Information

Spiderman informationWhen Spiderman was created in the 1960s, even Stan Lee was not sure that the comic would be a hit. But much to his surprise, The Amazing Spiderman turned out to be one of the longest running and best selling comics of all time. Fans loved the fact that Spiderman was really just an ordinary guy, that he had money problems, that despite his superhero status, he had a hard time getting the girl.

The original design for Spiderman was rejected by the publishers because they thought he looked too much like Captain America. The color scheme and costume pattern were similar heroes of the day. The creators made sure that no one could see Peter Parker’s face, to keep his identity secret. The suit was also designed to hide equipment like his web shooters.

The Spiderman costume was then designed to be completely different from the other. Over the years, Spiderman’s costume has survived largely intact despite the many different versions out there.

Spiderman Movies and  TV Shows

Spiderman moviesFor any superhero, their costume is as much a trademark as it is a source of hiding their secret identity. One of the best sequences in the 2002 film is when Spiderman designs and creates his costume. Peter Parker actually draws up and sews his own costume and this is the scene that has stayed in the minds of movie goers for years.

A successful film franchise and several TV shows including an animated hit continue to keep Spiderman in the spotlight. Because he is so popular, Spiderman is actually Marvel’s mascot and listed as number 5 in the top comic heroes of all time.

As well as the dozens of comics like the Spectacular Spiderman, Spiderman has endorsed everything from candy to cola. He has been featured in crossovers with other veteran heroes like the Hulk and the X-men. There is a reason why Spiderman costumes are so popular and is has something to do with the fact that the hero himself is so easy to identify with. And he is just cool.

Similar Costumes

Not in the mood for a Spiderman Halloween costume? There are dozens of other superheroes to choose from. For the X-Men fan, go all out this year with a Wolverine costume. This powerful mutant takes everyone down. Take no prisoners and never surrender.

Are you a DC fan looking for something a little less red and blue? Try a Green Lantern costume. This black and green jumpsuit and eye mask is a stunning fashion statement and you will look extremely cool. Save the universe as a member of the Green Lantern Corp.
For the girl who just needs the lasso of truth, costumes are also available for the ultimate female superhero, Wonder Woman. No other female superhero comes close to this amazing Amazon. Man-hating not required.

Of course, what superhero party would be complete without the Man of Steel? Go for broke with the greatest superhero of them all, Superman.

Ideal Companion Costumes

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