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Stewardess CostumesThe stewardess costume is a unique and different costume idea. Not everyone thinks of going to a costume party as a flight attendant so going as one it will cause a stir.
Everyone knows that stewardesses are sexy and sassy and pulling off an outfit like this can win you the coveted best costume prize. For anyone who wants to look high fashion yet sexy, then a Halloween stewardess costume may be the answer.

The first element of the costume is the jaunty little hat. The stewardess hat is instantly recognizable. Early stewardess outfits were based on nurses’ uniforms and this is why it comes with a cute little hat. Later on, they became more fashionable. This classy pillbox hat style was popular in the 1960s and still used by flight attendants today. Top off a perfectly styled French braid with this wonderful accessory.

Usually the stewardess costume comes with a skirt or dress, depending on the style of the airline. A one piece skirt with a short hem is very attractive and great for showing off toned legs. This particular style is common among most stewardess costumes and is easy to put on. The Halloween stewardess costume is a favorite among women because it has the right combination of style and sexiness, without being too vulgar. After all, flight attendants are the classiest women flying the skies.

Other versions of the costume come with a two piece combination: a blouse or blazer and a skirt. This is a perfect alternative for the woman who would like to show a little bit more skin. This style can look good on anyone. The great thing about the stewardess outfit is that the sex factor depends on the woman wearing it. She can choose to go over the top sexy or be quietly sexy but still presentable at an office costume party.
The most identifiable part of the stewardess costume is the neck scarf, usually meant to coordinate with the dress or skirt. Combine the scarf with the hat and everyone will know exactly what the costume is, there is no way it could be mistaken for anything else. It is absolute first class.

To accessorize the outfit, add long gloves and a great pair of heels.  For bigger impact, bring around an empty rolling luggage bag. The important part of the costume is to look well groomed and put together, just like a real stewardess.
It is now time to demonstrate air procedures and serve drinks, in high fashion.

Stewardess CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Stewardess Costumes

Available Stewardess Costume Sizes

available sizesThe stewardess costume is a favorite female outfit. It is very popular with women who want to look sexy but not too sexy when Halloween rolls around. It is also a great hit for costume or theme parties.
Stewardess costumes come in extra small to extra large sizes to accommodate women of any height and shape. The cut of the outfit will give girls either a very prim and proper air to outrageously sexy aura, depending on what look they are going for.
Varying the length of the hem is an easy way to make sure you can get the effect you are going for. Whether you want to go super short or knee length is up to you. The blouse or blazer can be adjusted to show the amount of cleavage you are comfortable with.
It really depends on what you want and how you want to present yourself.

Stewardess Background Information

IStewardess informationn order to showcase your outfit correctly, a little history can help. The stewardess costume has a long and dignified past. Their primarily function is to make sure passengers are safe. In World War II, a lot of stewardesses were actually trained nurses. They also take care of passengers by serving refreshments and catering to their needs.
They were initially dressed to inspire confidence in no-nonsense outfits in khaki or gray. Later, airlines realized the appeal of a beautiful flight attendant. As the airline services evolved, so did their outfits. Stewardesses were dressed in everything from military inspired outfits to tiny designer dresses. One of the cooler designs in the 1970s featured micro shorts and go-go boots. Imagine wearing that with an afro or retro sunglasses.
Some airlines require their stewardess to conform to the culture of the passengers. Airlines servicing Islamic countries require their stewardesses to wear veils in-flight. They have had a big role and impact in the airline industry

Stewardess Movies & TV Shows

Stewardess MoviesStewardesses have played a minor to major role in film and TV. Remember Gwyneth Paltrow’s role in the movie View from the Top? Despite the inner turmoil her character was going through, she still managed to look great in her stewardess costumes.
Action movies like Passenger 57 and Executive Decision featured headstrong flight attendants saving the plane from certain destruction. Elizabeth Hurley played a stewardess in one of her early roles, as did Halle Barre.
Reality shows like Flight Attendant School and Flygirls brought stewardesses back into the spotlight. They are also featured in a lot of pin up magazines and calendars simply because stewardesses ooze with a very 50s sex appeal.
Take a look at how they wear their outfits and use it as an inspiration for your own Halloween stewardess costume. Take the hem up or down, add a little more skin here and there. It all depends on you.

Similar Costumes

If you want to up the sexiness factor past the stewardess outfit, why not try the barmaid costume? You can go for dresses that give full coverage or tiny bar outfits that would get you in trouble in a real bar. These wonderful costumes will be the talk of any party, no beer serving required!
Another take on the sexy female look is the French maid costume. This costume will really get tongues wagging and maybe cause a few fights. After all, who can resist the pretty apron and the little duster? Fake a French accent for the night and just have fun.
If you want to toe the line between sexy and prim, then the school girl costume is definitely the answer. This outfit is popular because it can fit any size and look great no matter what. Feeling naughty or nice this Halloween? These costumes will bring out the inner vixen in you.

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