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StormTrooper CostumesThe Stormtrooper costume is not just a great idea for Halloween. It is a classic staple among Star Wars fans and enthusiasts all over the world. Fan groups like the 501st Legion are famous for promoting these Imperial soldiers.

For the Star Wars fan willing to serve the Empire, there are several types of costumes available: the classic white Stormtrooper armor, the Clone War Stormtrooper and the sinister Black Shadow Stormtrooper armor.

Go classic with the original Stormtrooper costume. The first part of the outfit is the black jumpsuit worn underneath the armor. The molded armor comes in different pieces depending on what costume you select. Costumes come with a chest/torso piece to wear over the jumpsuit.

The costumes also come with separately molded arm armor, usually shoulder and bicep pieces to enable the wearer to move comfortably. These parts can usually be customized to fit or adjusted for the wearer.

Classic Stormtrooper costumes also come with shin guards for complete protection against the elements. Of course, the outfit would not be complete without the Stormtrooper helmet or mask.

Other accessories for this outfit include utility belts and other embellishments to get that key Stormtrooper look. For an even more authentic Star Wars experience, you can get the Star War’s Stormtrooper Collector’s helmet. Perfect for ComicCon or the next Star Wars convention.

Clone Wars Stormtrooper Halloween costumes are also available for those looking to collect or for those who like the clones better than the original Stormtroopers. The overall outline is almost the same, with the main difference between both is that Clone Troopers have a dash of color running from the helmet down to the front of the torso. The pauldrons are also usually colored to match the line running down the suit.

The helmet is noticeably differently styled for Clone Troopers. Instead of the two piece helmet with the muzzle, this helmet is shaped like a bucket, with a T shaped opening for the eyes and mouth. Helmets and masks are also available for the ranked Stormtrooper positions, as featured in the Clone Wars series and movie.

The Black Shadow Stormtroopers are the elite Stormtroopers of the empire. This outfit is exactly like the classic Stormtrooper costume except that it comes in all black. This Stormtrooper costume will garner a few surprised gasps. Black Shadow troopers were meant to be the silent assassins of the Empire.

Complete your outfit with a blaster and Stormtrooper boots.

Stormtrooper CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Stormtrooper Costumes

Available Stormtrooper Costume Sizes

available sizesNo matter what Stormtrooper costume version you choose, they are available in a variety of fits and sizes for both adults and children. Keep in mind that the armor is normally made of molded plastic (just like the real costumes).
Adult costumes come in standard sizing, which should fit most men of average height and build.  The jumpsuits are meant for an easy fit under the outfit. Extra large sizes are also on hand for the extra tall man.

Other adult Stormtrooper costumes come as one size fits all pieces, meant to fit most men.
Children’s costumes come in small, medium and large sizes. Just like real Stormtrooper outfits, the helmets are meant to be a bit oversized.

Infant trooper outfits are also available for those who like to start their recruiting early for toddlers and infants up to 2 years of age. These adorable Stormtrooper outfits are great for baby pictures and family gatherings.

Stormtrooper Background Information

Stormtrooper informationStormtrooper Halloween costumes are as popular as the Star Wars movies. The original drawings for Stormtroopers were made by artist Ralph McQuarrie. They were named after the storm trooper units called the Sturmabteilung in WWI. As the Empire’s elite soldiers, the outfit easily distinguished them from the heroes in the film. It also made it easy to recycle extras.

Historically, Stormtroopers are one of the most important costume pieces because they were one of the first costumes to be molded from plastic. George Lucas was very unhappy with the original prototypes of the armor which did not look futuristic enough. The studio working on the design then hit upon the idea of using molded plastic to give the costume a space age look.

In fact, the Stormtrooper costume was one of the most difficult costumes to make for the movie. Nowadays, CGI and advanced computer technology has given the Stormtrooper look a massive update.

Stormtrooper Movies and TV Shows

Stormtrooper moviesStormtroopers made their first appearance in the first Star Wars film, Episode IV: A New Hope and continued to make appearances throughout the franchise. In the prequels, they were revealed to have come from the original Clone Troopers, who made up the Clone War armies.

Stormtroopers have become classic examples of the “evil army”. Over the years, they have evolved into different units with different functions as shown in the comics and video games.

Classic Stormtrooper outfits have been collector’s items since the 1970s, with fans scrambling and bidding for actual costumes used on set. George Lucas actually sued a design company for making unlicensed Stormtrooper costumes because they were so popular with fans.

Groups like the 501st Legion, a worldwide group of Star Wars devotees, publicly don the outfit for special events and charity work. Their popularity has made them part of the public consciousness and you will not get any questions like “Who are you supposed to be?” Halloween night! Everybody loves a good Stormtrooper.

Similar Costumes

Because of the sheer number of Star Wars characters, the costume choices are varied and infinite. Try the Chewbacca costume for maximum fun. Chewbacca outfits come complete with his pilot suit and mask. Just make sure you practice your Wookie.
Kids and adults alike will get a kick out of the Yoda costume too. Pair it with a green lightsaber and look for young Jedi to train. This is an awesome idea for the little boy or girl.
Another great hit is the Jabba the Hut costume. You will definitely stand out among the Vaders, Stormtroopers and Jedi out there.

Girls can also get a kick out of the Princess Leia costume. This a great costume for the little girl who loves to play princess and the adult who does not want to show too much skin. If they do not want to a princess, why not be a queen with an Amidala costume? The Star Wars universe has the best outfits in the galaxy.

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