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The Joker CostumesThat is the best Joker costume ever! Leaping Lizards, Batman! When it comes to super villains, none can quite compare to the crazy evil clown known as the Joker. There is just something about that ever present smile, the creepy clown face and the sadistic sense of humor. Joker definitely keeps Batman on his toes. As Batman’s number one archenemy, his one goal is life to make the Caped Crusader suffer.

The Joker Halloween costume will be something worth laughing about for Batman fans and non-Batman fans alike. This homicidal clown is a must have outfit. You will get a few nervous chuckles and a couple of double takes as you Ah-ha-ha-ha-hee the night away.

The Joker costume needs the purple suit. Channel Jack Nicholson in Batman and be the jolly prankster or Health Ledger in the Dark Knight and be the creepiest Joker alive. Either way, you need the matching jacket and tailored pants.

The suit comes complete with the green vest and tie. If you live in a hotter climate, you might want to get one that comes attached to the suit. It is not the best color combination but you will be the best dressed villain around.

What really makes or breaks the Joker costume is the green hair, white face and clown makeup. Unless you are willing to dye your hair green, consider getting a mask or wig to help you perfect those bleached green strands. Better yet, invest in a full on Joker face mask. You will definitely be scaring the kids—and the dog too.

Invest in the Joker make up kit so that you look flawless. The makeup is washes off with water and is safe for adults and kids alike. Turn your face in a horrific mask of evil, complete with scars.

If you want to go for the Dark Knight Joker, the makeup is an absolute must. It really depends on which look you want to go for—the Nicholson or classic Joker or Heath Ledger’s edgier version. For the classic Joker costume, accessorize with a small flower near the suit pocket and white gloves. The Dark Knight Joker needs dress shoes and black gloves.

Now that your Joker Halloween costume is complete, it is time to wreak havoc. Fade into the night and search for your archenemy. Rob a few banks along the way. After all, to the Joker it is not funny until someone gets hurt.

The Joker Costumes
Click Here To See The Full Range of The Joker Costumes

Available The Joker Costume Sizes

available sizesJoker costumes are great for family-themed Halloween. After all, not everybody wants to be Batman. It is a great costume option for someone looking for something different and scary.

The masks come in adult and child sizes for both DC versions and movie versions of the Joker. If going for the mask, you can still order adult sized masks for a child but need to compensate by stuffing the mask or adding foam inside.

Child sized masks are made to fit kids between the ages of 4 to fourteen.  Wigs are also child or adult sized so remember to check the size before placing the order.

Joker costumes come in children’s sizes from small to large, great for the little Joker fan who wants to just let loose. Adult costumes come in standard, large, extra large. There are also plus sized costumes available.

If you want something different and exciting, then the Joker costume is definitely the outfit for you.

The Joker Background Information

The JoThe Jocker informationker was born in the 1940s when he was created by artist Bob Kane and his team as one of the many villains for the Batman comics. He later evolved to the psychopath beloved by fans today. Undoubtedly, he and Batman will keep battling it out until one of them succeeds.

According to the comics, the Joker is said to have been driven mad by falling into a vat of chemicals that bleached his skin and lightened his hair to green. It also caused the permanent smile, leaving comic and movie fans with a visage too horrible to forget.
The Joker costume has remained quite unchanged since his inception in the 40s.

Early drawings show him clad in a 1940s purple zoot suit with huge lapels. The suit has been updated through the years to accommodate the passage of time but it has essentially remained the same, along with the rictus grin and green hair.

The Joker Movies and TV Shows

The Jocker moviesDespite the lack of changes in the character design, Joker has been a mainstay of the Batman franchise since the beginning.

Although Joker has been featured in all the animated versions of Batman and the live action Batman series in the 1960s, two memorable performances have defined him for this generation.

The first is Jack Nicholson’s crazy take on the Joker for the 1989 film Batman. The iconic purple suit is given the gangster treatment in this film and in one scene Nicholson’s Joker is actually wearing blue and purple plaid pants and a fedora.

But the creepiest version of the Joker appeared in the Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger turned him into a psychopathic, completely mad criminal with no morals.

Needless to say, this version of the Joker clicked. Strangely enough, the Joker had been portrayed as a psychopath in the comics for years but this performance brought it to public attention. Fans went crazy for this Joker costume and it really does not take a genius to see why.

Similar Costumes

Looking for something a little less evil? Try a clown or jester costume. Colorful, fun and full of tricks and magic, clowns bring laughter and fun wherever they go. Just be prepared to fend off the happy children who will be running up to you all night.

Clowns come in all shapes and sizes and you will definitely find the right type of clown for you! Try going as an evil clown to shake things up a bit.

Not impressed with an evil Joker Halloween costume? Why not go as his number one nemesis, The Dark Knight? Batman is a huge hit with adults and children, regardless of age. Everyone has a favorite Batman outfit—go as the campy Batman from the 1960s version or better yet, the imposing Dark Knight poised to protect Gotham with a sweep of his cape. Other Batman villains are also available for the true Batman fan.

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