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Warrior CostumesThe warrior costume is a Halloween staple. The key is to find one that works for you but also stands out in the crowd. There are so many great ideas out there to help the average person deck out and channel his or her inner barbarian for the any party or event.
Warriors inevitably bring three things to mind: period, weapons and armor. Going for the complete look is easy once you decide what type of Warrior Halloween costume you want. Think about the period, the weaponry and what effect you are going for. Think about how comfortable you or your child would need to be, the weather and more importantly, the age range. A 4-year old would probably not want to be in full armor but a 7-year old would get a kick out of it.
Armor can range from full body armor, think medieval knight ready for dragon slaying and princess rescuing. You can also choose mail, breastplates or leather vests if you have to move around a lot. Depending on what type of warrior you choose, you may also want to add a helmet or shield to your outfit. No warrior worth his salt would go into battle without protection.
Weapons are a no-brainer, because they will definitely have to match the period or type of warrior costume you are going for. Battle axes or broadswords have a great impact. A bow and arrow set is also great—and if you are getting one for a kid, will also give hours of playtime later on.
Warrior costumes are popular because they have a lot of variants. You could go for the usual Viking-style warrior, complete with Thor-like hammer and appropriate Viking cry. Another favorite is the Indian brave warrior costume. Expect the kids to get into the spirit and war whoop like crazy around the living room. Complete the look with war paint and scalping hatchet or bow and arrow.
The oriental warrior costume is another cool idea for a theme party or for Halloween. Kids and adults cannot resist the lure of the samurai sword or classic ninja outfit, complete with face mask. If you are the type of person who loves Halloween because it is a chance to bring out your inner child, then this is the warrior costume for you.
Warrior costumes are great for girls and boys, even the older girls and boys who cannot wait to get into the spirit of Halloween. The gladiator costume is a big hit among women and men, wear it and channel Spartacus and Xena for the night.

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Available Warrior Costume Sizes

available sizesOnce you have decided what type of warrior you will be, it is now time to check the sizes. Warrior costumes are very popular with adults so it they are available in small to double extra large sizes for the buffer men out there. For guys and girls, warrior costumes are a great way to show off your impressive physique.  Even the girliest of girls will have a blast with a warrior costume. If you are not comfortable with showing skin, there are a lot of warrior costumes out there that provide full coverage so you can stay warm.
Warrior costumes are also available in child sizes for the battle-hungry little girl or boy. It is a great idea for a little girl so she can stand out amongst the fairies and princesses. A little boy will be happy not just with the costume but with the toy weapons that come with it.

Warrior Background Information

Warrior informationEasily recognizable warrior types include the Roman soldier and gladiator, the Scottish warrior-king and the Amazon woman. The Norse had the Vikings, the Indians the braves. Britain and France had the chivalrous knights who swore loyalty and protected their kings.
These serve as inspiration for the warrior costume and is the reason why there can be so many types to choose from. The culture around them decided what the warriors should look like and what type of weapon they can wield. You cannot have a Viking warrior going around with a stun gun, right?
Warriors have been around as long as humans have. Every civilization from the Greeks to the modern United States has had an ideal of a warrior should be. Every society has had to have soldiers and this is why Halloween warrior costumes are so popular. All you have to do to get inspiration is to take a quick look at different societies and the different types of warriors that come from them.

Warrior Movies & TV Shows

Warrior MoviesAnother way to get inspiration for your Halloween warrior costume is to take a look at the different TV warriors around. Movies like 300 and The Clash of the Titans celebrate the Spartan warrior.
Other great icons include He-Man, Conan the Barbarian and Braveheart for barbarian or Native American warrior costumes. Mel Gibson playing William Wallace is well-remembered for that awesome scene in Braveheart.
For the ladies, think Shee-ra or Xena the warrior princess. A popular warrior icon in comics is Wonder Woman, who is an Amazon princess.
If you want something a little less common, think of the Egyptian warriors in the movie The Mummy. Tom Cruise played a samarui-slash-Confederate soldier in the Last Samurai.
The fantasy warrior costume is also an option. Why limit yourself to historical examples when one of the best (and ultimate) costumes is the ever popular Jedi Warrior? If you have spent any amount of time wishing you had a lightsaber of your very own, now is the time to fulfil that wish.

Similar Costumes

If the warrior costume idea is something you have already done, why not try the superhero costume? Nothing says awesome like a superhero. Kids often want to go as their favorite superhero and a great costume is well worth the investment. With the number of superheroes out there, you cannot go wrong.
Another idea that could go over well is the soldier costume. Think of it as a modern take on the warrior costume. This is a great hit with little boys who love to play soldier. You can go for the modern soldier or even Confederate or Union. It really depends what side of the Mason-Dixon Line you are on.
Another great alternative to the warrior costume is the athlete costume. Dressing up as a boxer or an NBA star for the night is an excellent idea for the sports-obsessed. Going as the referee can be a winning costume for a sports-themed party. These are just a few of the other choices that you have for a warrior costume and more.

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