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Werewolf CostumesThe werewolf: a supernatural creature, a man who transforms into a wolf or a humanoid wolf and back, also called lycanthrope.  The werewolf costume: perennial favourite at costume parties, particularly at Halloween time.  Recent films may have increased the popularity of this costume choice even further, so consider it for your next costume party.

The werewolf costume takes all of the elements that make the werewolf fearsome and places them in your hands.  Get the wild and full facial hair, the fur on the body, and the ripping claws and snarling fangs that make ordinary people cower and fear your presence.  Certainly putting on a costume is much less painful than actually becoming a werewolf, questions of possibility aside.

There are different ways to get a werewolf costume.  The simplest takes the form of a full-face or head mask, which gives you the freedom to design the rest of your outfit.  For something more encompassing, pick the costumes that include full body suits and appropriately ripped clothing.  Some contemporary representations of werewolves are more man than beast, such as the Lycans of the Underworld movie franchise.  You can go old school or new school, and people will still know a werewolf when they see one.

Legend has it that werewolves transform from their human forms to their wolf or half-wolf forms under the full moon.  Some mythologies claim that this is a painful process, and the resulting changes in mass and random frantic movements cause the werewolf to damage the clothes it had been wearing as a human.  That is the reason behind the inclusion of ripped clothing in many such costumes.

If you are handy with crafts, you might want to try using a werewolf makeup set to apply hair on your face and other body parts you plan to expose.  This produces a more natural looking costume that also breathes better, though you have to be careful to avoid shedding before the party is over.  Certainly beats masks and body suits!

A werewolf costume is a classic choice for Halloween or any costume party.  Get your fur on and bay at the moon, full or not!

Werewolf CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Werewolf Costumes

Available Werewolf Costume Sizes

available sizesBecause of the enduring popularity of werewolves, it should not be difficult to find a werewolf costume in the size you want.  Adult, Teen, and Kids’ sizes are available, from Small to Large!  X-Large is also available for some costumes.  For the best information, check out individual items for available sizes.

Masks are “one size fits most” for their age categories, meaning an adult mask will fit most adults, while kids’ masks will fit most kids.  Gloves also carry the same sizing policy.

For those who are uncomfortable with the mask and glove sizing, an alternative is to get makeup kits, prop fangs, and claws.  These will certainly be more comfortable than forcing yourself into something too small for you, or something that is just too loose.  You might need some practice if you haven’t done it before, so buy an extra unit to try and refine your skills earlier than you need to.

Werewolf  Background Information

Werewolves, also known as lycanthropes, are anthropomorphic wolves or humanoids with wolf-like features.  They are furred, fanged, clawed, and all-around savage as far as the classic mythologies are concerned.  Werewolves symbolize strength, speed, and a ferocity that it uses to maintain its freedom.  Some say that werewolves transform uncontrollably under the full moon and back after the night, while others say that they can change at will.

Werewolves are some of the oldest supernatural figures in human culture.  Even the Ancient Greeks made references to werewolves.  Where wolves did not exist, other were-creatures (transformed humanoids with animal features) entered the local cultures.

Today, werewolves have been definitively though sometimes contradictorily defined.  They have superhuman speed, strength, and regenerative abilities.  They may or may not lose control of themselves.  Transformations may or may not be painful.  Whatever specifics you choose to believe, the werewolf is an eternal figure and will remain in our collective conscious for much longer.

Werewolf Movies & TV Shows

Werewolf moviesThe first recorded references to werewolves date back to the Ancient Greek times, written by famous historians like Herodotus.  Indeed, the myth of Lycaon comes from Ancient Greek theology.  Roman poets Virgil and Ovid also made vivid descriptions of wolf-men and their ilk.  Werewolves have also been common bogeymen in Europe, wherever wolves roamed free and wild.

More recently, werewolves have appeared in many popular franchises by authors like J.K. Rowling, and Terry Pratchett.  Werewolves are the stuff of more earthly horror, and famous authors like Stephen King have written novels on such.

Of course, it is the movies that made the werewolf, as it has done for other supernatural figures.  Movies like Werewolf Of London (1935, the first one), The Wolf Man (1941), An American Werewolf In London, and Wolf (1994) continually revived the popularity of this creature.  Most recently, the Underworld, Harry Potter, and Twilight franchises have made lycanthropes cool again.

Similar Costumes

Werewolves are cool, aren’t they?  It’s a little hard to handle all that hair though.  So what related costume choices are available?

The Beast from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is a nice alternative.  He is beastly but also capable of being tender and kind, so he is a compelling character.  Plus, it’s an excuse to dress up in fancy old-time European finery.

Vampires are the werewolves’ eternal rivals – which makes them a perfect choice for an alternative.  It is because they are so opposed to each other that they are often associated with each other.  Vampires range from the patently evil and ugly, while others are beautiful and enchanting, so take your pick.

Then there’s the first “werewolf” that we hear of as children – the Big Bad Wolf.  Of course, we can’t forget about Red Riding Hood, or the Three Little Pigs either!  Kids and adults can’t go wrong with these costumes!

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