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Zombie CostumesThe Halloween season is a time for all manner of unnatural beings.  Spirits which were once human souls.  Monsters that lurk among us.  Creatures from planes beyond this one. And of course, zombies.  The zombie costume is the perennial favorite for Halloween, and there is little likelihood of a Halloween season without zombies.

Since zombies are basically dead people reanimated by some means, they can take a variety of appearances, especially after the popularized ideas of alien or man-made disaster.  Does “zombifying virus” ring any bells?  Yes, the zombie costume can be adapted into many forms.

Let us start off with the basics.  If you were a dead person brought back to life by some magical means then you would show some level of decomposition, depending on how long you were dead.  If you were transformed from normal human being into a zombie by a biological factor, then you will most likely show wounds but not so much decomposition.  Of course, sine it is Halloween, gore is pretty much expected, so why not go all-out disgusting and creepy?

A simple costume for a zombie, straight up, would be everyday clothing albeit in a damaged state.  Then we get to the good part – prints that simulate exposed necrotic flesh and bones, as well as internal organs.  Many of these are highly detailed and can really make the costume.  Top it off with a mask and messy hair – because the undead don’t care to fix hair – and you are set to go trick-or-treating, at your own shambling pace.

Kicking it up a notch, consider the various medically-related zombie get-ups.  Zombie doctors, zombie nurses, and zombie patients; these costumes basically point out a zombifying factor released into a hospital.  Since we associate hospitals so easily with sickness and death, it is only natural that it becomes a setting for undead, right?  There’s even a zombie hazmat costume – for the clean-up crew that got infected too.

If you don’t mind being a little wacky, then consider these zombie costume variations: zombie cowboy, zombie rocker, zombie ninja, zombie skate punk.  If these do not sound absurd to you, then you might just want to pick out one of those.  After all, who says zombies are all physically inept?  You can shoot ‘em up, rock the house down, take them out quietly, or just be your inimitable self – you don’t have anything to lose when you’re already dead!

Zombie CostumesClick Here To See The Full Range of Zombie Costumes

Available Zombie Costume Sizes

available sizesSince the zombie Halloween costume is an extremely popular choice, there should be little difficulty in finding something to fit the intended wearer, whether they are a man, woman, boy, girl, or baby.  Plus sizes are also available.  For the best information, look up individual costume details and note the available sizes.

Most zombie costumes feature loose clothing, as undead are unlikely to care what state their clothes are in.   As such, many of these costumes should fit without much issue, and in fact may hang on the body.  Masks may be a different story.  As masks are usually made to fit most people of the target demographic, they do not always fit well.  Eyeholes in particular may not be set in the most comfortable positions, so you can trim as necessary.

A great addition to any Halloween costume, especially for a zombie, is a bit of fake blood splashed onto various areas of one’s costume.

Zombie Background Information

Zombie informationThe word zombie comes from “zombi”, a word that comes from Voodoo traditions.  The concept of corpses being reanimated is a concept that developed well in Haiti and the surrounding areas, as expert Voodoo sorcerers, called bokors, were said to be able to do such things.  They were also said to have been able to zombify living people.  The same abilities are attributed to African tribal sorcerers.

The zombie is a frightening creature because it is a symbol of death, but remains very much human-like in appearance.  It may be argued that something similar yet different is more disturbing than something totally and fundamentally different – thus zombies are often considered scarier than aliens.

Zombies can come to being in various ways.  Some are raised from corpses, while others are living beings turned into creatures of horror.  The means may be magical or biological.  Whatever the case may be, zombies are symbols of horror and the unnatural.

Zombie Movies & TV Shows

Zombie MoviesBecause of the widespread use of the zombie concept, the many zombie costume variations are justified.  Zombies are common fodder enemies in role-playing games, and are also common enemies in first-person or third-person shooter games.  In the movies, they are core components for horror movies.

Notable examples of games that use zombies are Resident Evil, Plants Versus Zombies, and Dungeons and Dragons.  As for movies, there is the classic Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Weeks Later, I Am Legend, and Resident Evil.

The zombie Halloween costume is meant to scare and disgust and that makes it an annual favorite.  Several cities host “zombie walks”, where large groups of people in zombie getups would gather and make their way through the streets.  Mischievous harassment and simulated gore are not uncommon.  In some cases, trouble had arisen from either the actions of the zombies or of the non-participants against the zombies.

Similar Costumes

Perhaps the zombie costume is a bit too disgusting for you.  No matter, there are lots of other choices!

Want to play undead, but not as a zombie?  Why not dress up as a skeleton, or a vampire, or a ghost?  All of these are Halloween standards!  These certainly feature less gore, and in some cases can actually be attractive, especially with the recent “vampire” movies.  Vampires have always been thought of as capable of charm and glamour, while ghosts retain many human features minus the physical presence.  Skeletons make no bones about their being just plain creepy though.

Perhaps as a tribute to the late and great Michael Jackson, you can go as MJ in his most famous music video, Thriller.  Lots of zombies there, but MJ himself was wearing his iconic jacket.  Bust some moves and belt it out!

Of course, other Halloween favorites are fair game.  Demons, witches, and various were-creatures are definitely selectable.

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